Adding Women's Cowboy Boots to Your Look

Whether you're riding on the range or riding on the subway, women's cowboy boots are a fun way to add some personality to your outfit. Cowboy boots are tough, durable and fantastic for protecting toes. They're also artistic, stylish and a strong fashion statement.

Women's cowboy boots are either made of leather or a leather-substitute, such as pleather. They come in a huge selection of styles and the fashion-focused ones can even sport stiletto heels, though you'd have a heck of a time trying to ride a horse with them.

Women's cowboy boot can be crafted from pink suede with ribbon edging for a feminine feel. They can be made from black leather and covered with steel studs for an industrial appeal. They can use embroidery for a sweet look or beading for a fancy fashion.

Because cowboy boots are so versatile, with so many selections, they go with a wide variety of styles. Despite what you may see on a country music awards show, though, women's cowboy boots should never, ever be worn with an evening gown.

The most traditional garment to wear with cowboy boots is a good, old pair of blue jeans. This classic pairing can be used with any top, from cotton T-shirt, to silk blouse, to leather vest. Just remember to always wear pant-length jeans with your boots. Jean shorts and miniskirts look tacky unless you're posing for a tractor calendar picture.

The short garment rule should pretty much be used across the board. Regardless of the material or style, short pants, shorts and short skirts paired with women's cowboy boots tends to look tacky nine times out of ten.

Long skirts, ending mid-calf or lower, usually look rather sweet and sassy when matched with cowboy boots. Both tailored jean skirts and flowing rayon skirts can be fashionable with cowboy boots if matched with the proper top and accessories. For a quick match, try echoing the leather in the boots with matching leather on a belt, vest, coat or shirt trim.

Another easy way to make women's cowboy boots match your outfit is to repeat the colors of the boots in your jewelry. Try slipping on organic jewelry, such as wood beads or stone ornaments, if you're wearing some brown, natural, leather boots. If you're wearing ocean blue, suede cowboy boots, use jewelry with blue shells and beads to tie the look together.

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