Cool Shoe Lacing Techniques and Patterns

Sometimes it's the simple little joys in life that are worth spending time on. Whether it's stopping to smell a flower, indulging in extra sauce on your pasta or amazing your child with neat tricks, it's the little things that make a big difference. One of those fun, little things you can do is to learn cool shoe lacing techniques that liven up a basic pair of shoes. The quirky patterns add personality and a definite unique feel to your regular footwear. Teaching the lacing techniques to children can also be a great way to help a little with developing their motor and mathematical skills.

You can use any lacing technique with just a single lace, as well as use two or more laces in any color combination. The laces can be paired together or folded so that a red lace is the "right" side and a blue lace is the "left" side.

The most common type of shoe lacing is the cross method, where the laces zigzag between left and right holes. This is the easiest means to tighten and loosen the laces, but looks rather boring. By twisting, turning and skipping holes you can come up with tons of cool shoe lacing patterns.

Try a twisted lace look. Thread the laces as you would for a zigzag pattern, but instead of simply crossing the laces in the middle, twist them together two times, then continue to the hole on the opposite side. Depending on the look desired, you can twist the laces horizontally or vertically.

For a sharp fashion, keep the laces in a straight pattern. Start lacing as you normally would, but instead of skipping a hole, thread the laces straight across into each hole. This should create a pattern of short, straight bars across the shoe.

A neat way to add some variety to your shoe lacing is to combine the twisted and straight bar patterns. Lace your shoes with a common "X" shape. Go one hole up and thread the lace straight across. Keep alternating between the two styles until the lacing is finished.

To create trim around your lacing, try keeping a count of two. Pull your lace into a hole, then straight up and through the hole above it. Now cross the lace straight to the other side and into the hole. Repeat process and you'll end up with something that looks like train tracks.

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