How to Choose the Right Men's Shoe

Men's shoes come in the same kind of infinite variety known to women's shoes. And, just like any shoe, the wrong one can be both uncomfortable and unfashionable. Especially if you're on your feet most of the day, it's essential to invest some time and energy into getting the perfect fit for your shoes.

High-visibility professions are often judged by appearance, which means that a well-finished ensemble must include the appropriate shoes for the occasion. With just a little preparation, you can take the frustration out of shoe shopping, even if you're looking for the perfect men's shoe online.

Function or occasion

The first step in choosing the right men's shoe is in determining when and why this particular pair of shoes will be used. Are you trying to find the right shoe to wear to the office? Take the kids to the beach? Go on a wilderness vacation? Wear on a construction site? Go jogging? Every function and style of clothing will typically go best with a different type of shoe. Do a little research for what goes with your style of dress, or focus on the comfort and functionality of running shoes, steel-toed boots, or other types of footwear.

Shoe size

You may confidently declare, "I wear a U.S. size 12 shoe." Great! In what style and brand? While most shoes are relatively standard in size, there may be certain design features or shapes that cause one shoe to fit you differently than another. Not only that: Feet are often two different sizes, and they do vary slightly in size throughout the day. Make sure to try on prospective shoes (or measure your feet, if you're doing online shopping) in the afternoon or right after you get off work, when your feet will probably be the largest.

Foot type

While foot type may not be a factor in every type of shoe you might consider, it is essential for a good fit and maximum comfort in most shoes. Wet the bottoms of your feet, and then step on a piece of brown paper. Trace around the wet footprint before it dries. If it looks like an amorphous blob, you have flat feet. A foot with a gentle S-curve on the insole is an average arch. The footprint that barely connects the heel and the front of the foot indicates high arches. If you can't choose shoes specifically made for your foot type, you may want to consider inserts for the best comfort and support.

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Always check if new shoes need waterproofing or regular polishing before you wear them. Preparing the material can help prevent damage, as can regular cleanings and proper storage. When storing shoes, stuff them to keep their shape, and store them standing up, never laying on one side.

Balance your selection of men's shoes with a little bit of classical and a little bit of modern style. Wear dress shoes for work or formal affairs and casual shoes for kicking back, and try not to mix the two styles.

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