How to Clean Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather is a classical staple in formal footwear. The clean lines, sleek look and bright shine always makes you look sharp and well-dressed. However the shine of patent leather also reveals the slightest dirt or blemish on the shoe's surface. This is why patent leather shoes should be cleaned properly and regularly to ensure they look good for as long as the shoes last.

Patent leather is fairly easy to clean and keep in good repair. Learning how to clean patent leather shoes takes all of ten seconds. For general dirt removal, wipe the shoe with a soft, damp cloth. Refrain from using too much water, the cloth should be just damp enough to catch dust, not wet enough to drench the shoes.

Baby wipes can also be used on patent leather shoes for quick dirt removal and light conditioning. Buff the dirt away with the baby wipe and the shoes are ready to wear. For maximum shine, quickly buff the shoes with a soft cloth after using the baby wipe.

There are endless products available to clean, condition and shine patent leather shoes. These are mostly a waste of money, though. There are many cheap, household items that clean and moisturize the leather just as well as any store-bought brand. Petroleum jelly or any mineral oil product is all you need to clean and moisturize your shoes.

Always use a soft cloth when cleaning or shining patent leather shoes. Rough fabrics can scratch the surface and seriously dull the overall shine. Use a small amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly on the cloth and wipe the shoes, making sure to cover the leather evenly. Let the oil sit for at least 30 minutes to soak into the leather a bit.

Use a clean, soft cloth and buff the shoe to create a high shine and remove extra oil or jelly. Make small circles across the leather, rubbing until the patent leather looks flawless. Repeat process whenever shoes seem dingy, dirty or dry.

If you're in a hurry and get a scuff on your shoes, never fear. Apply a little black shoe polish or black marker to the scuff. Buff the area well with a soft cloth to push the color into the scuff and make it much less obvious.

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