How to Find Large Size Women's Shoes to Fit Your Feet

You may not be able to slip into Cinderella's tiny glass slipper, but women who wear large shoe sizes deserve lovely footwear, too. No women should ever have to curl, cramp, bruise or break their feet just to wear a stylish pair of shoes.

As humans live healthier and longer lives, our bodies grow to their true potential. This means fewer women wear a size three shoe. Feet are growing along with the rest of our bodies, and now many women need shoes bigger than the average size 10 limit.

One of the most difficult parts of finding women's shoes in large sizes is getting the right width. The length of a shoe is easy for manufacturers to change, and most styles are offered for large feet. However, the width of the shoe is more complicated to mess with, and often kept the same regardless of the shoe length.

Finding the right shoe width is as important as finding the right shoe length. Super-cheap shoe stores almost never offer different widths, and it can be hard to find any stores that do. Stick with large, quality, athletic or specialty shoe stores and remember to ask sales clerks about shoes offered in assorted widths.

Another great way to find large size women's shoes is to look online. Online stores are more likely to carry a variety of sizes and widths in all their shoes. There are also tons of specialty stores online that focus exclusively on women's shoes in large sizes.

Always check the shipping and return policies with online stores, though, since you cannot try the shoes on before buying. Make sure anything you buy can be easily returned if it ends up being the wrong fit.

Remember that the more casual the shoe style, the more likely it will fit your foot. It's the shoes with heavy details, such as extra ties, buttons, zippers or cut-outs, that are more likely to cause comfort issues. But never let this stop you from finding a chic pair of heels.

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Always check if new shoes need waterproofing or regular polishing before you wear them. Preparing the material can help prevent damage, as can regular cleanings and proper storage. When storing shoes, stuff them to keep their shape, and store them standing up, never laying on one side.

Balance your selection of men's shoes with a little bit of classical and a little bit of modern style. Wear dress shoes for work or formal affairs and casual shoes for kicking back, and try not to mix the two styles.

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