How to Prevent Getting Blisters From Strappy High Heeled Summer Shoes

In some cases, it's love at first sight when a woman lays her eyes on a beautiful pair of shoes. She's not bothered by the price tag and cares even less whether the shoes will be comfortable or not. They're gorgeous, and that justifies the purchase. She'll worry later about how to prevent getting blisters from strappy, high-heeled summer shoes.

The right fit

The difference between getting blisters and walking in comfort lies in whether or not shoes fit your feet properly. As an experienced shoe shopper, you already know your size, but don't be foolish and buy shoes without trying them on first. The fact that size 7 shoes you bought previously were comfortable doesn't mean any shoe in that size is a guaranteed proper fit. Sizes vary by manufacturer and sometimes by style of shoe.

When in doubt, go for shoes that are a little too snug rather than a little too loose. Shoes stretch when worn or can be mechanically stretched. Don't expect miracles, though, because there is a big difference between snug and downright uncomfortable. If the shoes pinch or cut into your skin, expect blisters to form and to experience continued discomfort.

The most important thing to avoid is shoes in which your feet slide around or that chafe your foot at the heel. If you're wearing a sandal with a strap, tighten the strap to a comfortable tension. To prevent forming a blister, make sure that it doesn't rub when you walk.

Blister prevention tips

Nobody likes to wear stockings in the heat of summer, but wearing them with strappy, high-heeled summer shoes is one way to help prevent blisters. Stockings make for a more comfortable fit, prevent your feet from swelling and absorb moisture.

If the thought of pantyhose or even knee-highs horrifies you, wear ankle-high stockings or foot socks. Foot socks are practically invisible but offer all the comfort of a full stocking.

As a preventive measure, stop by your local foot-care aisle in the drugstore. Dr. Scholl'sR, for instance, has a number of bandages and gel applications that will help prevent getting blisters from strappy high-heeled shoes. You might think that any old bandage will do, but specialized products are infinitely better.

Alternatively, you can apply a coating of SpencoR 2nd Skin, which is available both as a thin piece of material like a Band-AidR and as a liquid application. Bowlers use it to prevent the formation of blister on their thumbs. The liquid hardens within seconds and stays until washed off.

You can also dust your shoes with baby powder. Blisters are formed due to moisture, and when you eliminate perspiration, you reduce the risk of blisters.

Preventing blisters from strappy, high-heeled summer shoes will largely depend on your feet. Some feet are more prone to blisters than others. The thicker your skin, the less likely blisters will form.

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