How to Take Care of Shoes

Knowing how to take care of shoes properly can add a few seasons to their wearable life and ensure that you never have to deal with blisters from stiff, warped footwear. The keys to properly cared for shoes are storage conditions and storing methods. When both are properly seen to, your shoes will always be ready to wear and comfortable.

Keep shoe packaging

When you buy shoes, they probably come in a box and have tissue paper in the toes and perhaps a stretcher bar fitted into the heel section to keep it in shape. A simple way to keep your shoes in tip-top condition is to keep these storage aids and re-use them. Shoe toes and backs can be kept in proper shape by using these tools over and over again, and you can keep dust off of your new acquisitions by storing your shoes in the original box.

If you have a very large number of shoe pairs, consider buying or building a shelf with multiple cubbies. You can then store each pair of shoes in its own space. Buy some cheap tissue paper from the gift-wrap section of your local store and stuff the toes to wick away moisture.

Rotate your shoes

Keep your shoes in a temperature-controlled environment. Too much heat, cold or humidity can cause damage to your shoes and make them shrink, swell or crack, depending on the material they are made of. If you happen to get a pair of shoes wet, find a warm, dry place to let them air out before storing them away again.

Use odor-reducing sprays sparingly. A little baking soda sprinkled in a tennis shoe can work wonders. The best way to keep shoes from smelling is to have at least three pairs you wear often so you can switch them out and let each pair air for a day or two before being worn again.

If you follow these directions for how to take care of shoes, you'll be wearing them in style for quite a long time.

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Always check if new shoes need waterproofing or regular polishing before you wear them. Preparing the material can help prevent damage, as can regular cleanings and proper storage. When storing shoes, stuff them to keep their shape, and store them standing up, never laying on one side.

Balance your selection of men's shoes with a little bit of classical and a little bit of modern style. Wear dress shoes for work or formal affairs and casual shoes for kicking back, and try not to mix the two styles.

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