How to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots often have a daintiness that full boots lack, but they also bring an unexpected edge to any outfit. The key to knowing how to wear ankle boots is to understand why they're flattering. Then you can build outfits around them that show off their (and your) best attributes.

Slim lines

Ankle boots can help show off a slim line of the leg. Taller boots sometimes hide calves in slouchy shapes. Even when tall boots aren't slouchy, they're often wider than the leg to ensure that they can fit women with larger calf sizes. Some tall boots do offer a sleek shape, but that shape will never be as slim-looking as the shape of the leg itself. Ankle boots can give you the look of a boot without sacrificing the slim line of your leg.

Skinny jeans and leggings

Because they help to emphasize a sleek leg line, certain ankle boots are the perfect match for skinny jeans and leggings. If the boot comes far enough up the ankle, you can tuck leggings or skinny jeans into them to create smooth line all the way from your hips to your feet. This creates a long, lean effect.

Dress it up

Many ankle boot styles also pair well with skirts and dresses. In fact, some heeled ankle boots are embellished in such a way that they almost seem more like pumps than ankle boots. Wear these styles like you would any pump. Use them when you want a bit of an edge with your favorite girly dress or to intensify the vibe of an already urban outfit.

Even if your ankle boots don't seem like tougher versions of pumps, you can wear them with skirts and dresses. A pair of tights is a more conservative way to pair the boots with those girly pieces, but if you want a little bit of whimsy, try wearing the boots with a pair of pretty socks and otherwise bare legs.

Every fashion rule has exceptions, but in general, ankle boots are ideal for creating sleek, slim leg lines. So, when wearing ankle boots, steer clear of wide-leg pant styles and opt instead for outfits that show off the full effect of your legs (and, of course, your boots).

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