When to Wear High Heel Shoes

High heel shoes are definitely a woman's best weapon. But, like any powerful force, every woman needs to know just when to use them. Knowing when to use high heels and what kind to wear lets you take the best possible advantage of their magic.

The entire reason women endure heels at all is due to their fantastic power for creating a sexy posture. Heels make the legs look longer and thinner, and they accentuate the calf muscles. They also have an amazing effect on the rear, forcing it to lift slightly. The higher the heel, the greater this effect.

Before you go buy high heels, the first rule is that thinner means fancier. The thinner and higher the heels, the more stylized the look. The thicker or shorter the heels, the more relaxed and general the style. Though certain trends dance back and forth across this line, this rule is a good place to start if you're confused.

Remember, thinner heels are harder to balance on, put more pressure on your ankles and make feet swell quickly. Thicker heels provide a sturdy base, absorb shock and create far less pressure on ankles. Therefore, with any activity that requires a lot of standing, much less walking, you should always choose a thick heel, if any heel at all.

If you're doing any traveling, outdoor activities or work in a gym, and have to wear heels, try to stick with the thickest and shortest amount of heel possible. This not only helps with the running around involved, but it can also determine if you get on that airplane or not.

Stilettos, or other thin and high-heeled shoes, are actually banned on most airplanes, public lawns, gym floors and other soft surface areas. Since a woman in stiletto heels can create more pressure per square inch than an elephant, these shoes can simply punch a hole in soft flooring.

To decide what heels to wear, remember that a slinky, beaded cocktail dress should never be worn with a pair of plain, flat-heeled shoes. The dress should be worn with a stunning pair of equally slinky heeled shoes. Jeans, in general, should not be worn with the same heels as the cocktail dress. Jeans should be worn with a thicker, blockier heel that pairs well with the casual trousers.

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Always check if new shoes need waterproofing or regular polishing before you wear them. Preparing the material can help prevent damage, as can regular cleanings and proper storage. When storing shoes, stuff them to keep their shape, and store them standing up, never laying on one side.

Balance your selection of men's shoes with a little bit of classical and a little bit of modern style. Wear dress shoes for work or formal affairs and casual shoes for kicking back, and try not to mix the two styles.

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