Find Designer Items for Cheap

There's nothing better than finding designer items for cheap, but getting great deals on quality items isn't always easy. You may have to dig a little deeper than usual, throw some elbows and get creative, but designer clothes can be yours for less. Here are five shopping secrets to try.

Join Invitation Only Web Sites
The newest way to score designer items for cheap is to join invitation only shopping clubs online. Ideeli sends e-mails about the latest limited offering sales; other sites, such as Gilt Groupe, offer designer items at real world prices. The items may be a season behind, but there are still amazing deals to be found.

Brave Sample Sales
When design houses need to get rid of their showroom samples and excess inventory, sample sales are you money saving savior. If you live in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, sample sales happen weekly. But even smaller cities will have big warehouse sales for stores and designers.

Visit Discount Stores & Outlets
While New York City has luxury markdown Mecca Century 21, you can find similar department stores with designer items for cheap across the country, such as Filene's Basement, Dillard's, Loehmann's, and TJ Maxx. Another great option is outlet shopping. You can find great discounts at low-cost outposts of your favorite designers.

Go Vintage
Designer clothes has been around for decades and many items are more classic looks like never go out of style. If you're up for vintage-chic, you can find designer items for cheap at your local vintage store.

Become an eBay Expert
You can find an abundance of designer clothes on eBay and other auction sites. Whether or not you can get them for cheap and win the auction is another story. If you have particular designers, like Coach or Prada, that you're most interested in or types of products, such as crescent handbags or riding boots, you can set up an alert that will email you when new items arrive. Then all you need to do is master your eBay auction winning skills in order to score some great deals.

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Online clothes shopping can be troublesome if you don't know what you're doing. To ensure that what you buy fits, take accurate measurements, pay attention to details in pictures and think about sticking to a design label you already trust.

A great sale can happen anywhere or anytime, and you don't want to miss it. Looking for seasonal clearances, joining notification lists or just being a regular customer can keep you informed about the best sales.

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When you donate clothes, make sure the clothes are in fair condition, and give items that you know people need. If you plan on deducting the contribution from your taxes, make sure the charity is registered, and get a receipt.

Shopping can be a great way to spend the day but it can also be a great way to lighten your pocket or increase your level of debt. There are still ways that you can shop and save money if you learn the basics of being a frugal shopper.
Now that spring is upon us you have made the decision to go through those old clothes and do some spring cleaning. The question that comes to mind is what to do with all of those clothes? You could have a garage sale of course, but that requires a lot of time and work to put together and you may only raise $10.00 or $20.00.
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