Find the Best Clothing Sales Year-Round

You don't have to wake up at 2:00 am the day after Thanksgiving and line up with a million other shoppers just to find the best clothing sales of the year. Many fantastic discounts are offered throughout the months. All you need to do is look in the right place at the right time.

Seasonal Clearances
Seasonal clearances are usually among the best sales offered. Since stores need to get rid of extra merchandise and clear room for new items, they hold large sales with significant discounts. It can cost a company much less to sell their goods at this discount than try to store, transfer or keep the merchandise.

The best sales for seasonal clearances don't just occur with changing weather; they can occur with changing holidays as well. Any item that is specific to a certain theme, be it weather or celebration, is likely to go on sale after that theme is no longer top priority.

For example, once Valentine's Day is over, most stores need room to bring in the St. Patrick's Day and Easter items. So anything from Valentine's Day will be priced to move and move quickly. This can be the best sale to go to if you're looking for something like red or pink clothing.

In many cases, you'll see a sign saying that all sales are final. But, if you aren't sure or if the store policy isn't clear, be sure to ask the clerk in case you have any problems with merchandise later on. And, if all sales are indeed final, make sure you truly want the item before you take the plunge.

If you're savvy enough to shop a year ahead for holidays or have a use for holiday items after the actual event, these quick liquidation discounts are perfect for stocking up on holiday supplies.

Notification Lists
Most stores have ways of notifying loyal customers about special discounts and events. Joining these lists can be a huge help in finding the best sales. Some places may just have a flier to pick up at the store, and some may have regular mail or e-mail lists.

Stores often offer special discounts or secret sales to customers on their mailing lists or in their shopping clubs. The lists can sometimes mean extra junk mail or unwanted promotions, though. But, if you have no problems joining, the best sales are often found, or at least announced, with notification lists.

Remember to read the privacy policy regarding any lists you join. Make sure the store isn't going to sell your name or address to other companies or place you on additional lists you have no interest in.

Just Browsing
For smaller clearances, just browsing around your favorite stores can lead to the best sales. Often companies will only discount one particular line or item, so it isn't worth the time to advertise the price reduction. The best sales can be the quiet ones that drop the price on the exact item you need.

Browsing can also help you discover the best sales simply by word of mouth. Many salespeople at stores will discreetly let you know if an item you like will be going on sale in the near future. This can help you get to the clearance first and grab that coveted item before your particular size is sold out.

If you're a regular customer, some stores will even let you slide a little when it comes to their best sales. If the sale will be occurring soon, it's not uncommon to be allowed to place those perfect pants on hold or layaway until the sale starts. This way you get the exact garment you need at the lower cost.

Online stores have some of the best sales, and they usually provide notification lists. If you can wait a little bit until the garment is actually delivered and don't mind possibly paying shipping, online stores can hold some great deals.

Make sure to check out any store completely before purchasing. Read the privacy policies, return rules and shipping details. Never release credit card information to a place that doesn't seem secure or that you don't trust.

Many online sites have daily lists for the best sales currently occurring. These sites can be used for just browsing casually without any obligation. Most also offer notification lists, just like stores, and can send you daily updates via e-mail.

The most important part of finding the best sales throughout the year is to be aware. Pay attention to TV, radio and print ads. Having a few friends who are shopping-savvy to help keep you updated never hurts either.

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