How to Sell Used Clothes to a Second-hand Clothing Store

Electing to sell used clothes to second-hand clothing stores is a great way to clean out your house while making money. Here's what you need to know to get started:

Why sell to second-hand clothing stores?
Second-hand clothing stores generally offer you more money than you can hope to make from a yard sale and offer cash on the spot. You don't have to mess with listing auctions on eBay or deal with any of the related fees and shipping hassles. You just bring in your items, and they give you an immediate offer for them.

What sells
To make money selling to second-hand clothing stores, you need to know what sells. While this can be difficult to nail down, there are a few basic rules you can follow:

  1. Stick to name-brand clothing.

  2. Only bring in lightly worn clothing; eliminate anything with holes, stains, fading, etc.

  3. Keep to current trends.

How it works
Buying is handled much the same from store to store. Simply bring in your used items for sale, fill out a sales form and wait for a staff member to review your items and make an offer.

Tips and tricks
As simple as the process is, bear in mind that it can take some time. Think a few hours on a Saturday. To speed up the process, call ahead to find out when the store is slowest, or be prepared to drop off your items and to come back later.

  • Only make trips when you have a lot to take. This will make your time investment more worthwhile.

  • Bring your items at the start of the business day, before the crowd has formed.

  • It is also best to bring your items in hard storage containers-some chains even require this.

  • When you're at the store, ask if there is anything specific that they are currently looking for. This will help you to target your next trip.

  • Use some of your wait time to browse the store. This will help you to further tune your next sales trip.

Turn your closets into green
Take a load of items to a second-hand clothing store, and you may just be surprised at how much money is hiding in your closets. Just be warned: selling to second-hand clothing stores can be addictive.

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