QVC Facts

Even Joseph Segal, the founder of QVC (Quality, Value and Convenience) in June of 1986, couldn't have envisioned that when he first began telecasts on his newly formed QVC Network that his company would grow to earn $8.3 billion in sales and become a household name. Broadcasting live 24 hours daily, seven days a week, QVC reaches into 200 million homes in the United States, England, Germany, Italy and Japan.

A strategy for success

Segal did his homework in 1986 and studied the success of the Home Shopping Network (HSN). As a savvy entrepreneur, he looked for ways to make HSN's pioneering home shopping experience more appealing and customer service oriented. Instead of simply hawking products, his network hosts gave product descriptions, offered full disclosure of all shipping and handling charges, and his employees were tasked with a mission to "Give customers more than they expect." QVC is now twice the size of HSN.

Corporate location and centers

QVC's original studio was located in West Chester, PA (30 miles west of Philadelphia) and its worldwide corporate headquarters and studio remain there today in an 84-acre complex called Studio Park. Domestic call centers are located in Chesapeake, Virginia; Port St. Lucie, Florida and San Antonio, Texas. QVC domestic distribution centers include warehouses in Florence, South Carolina; Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Suffolk, Virginia.

Technologically advanced

QVC's television broadcast center is one of the most technologically advanced in the country. More than 22,000 on-air guests appear on the network each year to showcase over 1,000 products per week. In 1996, the network expanded online with that now boasts over six million visitors every month. QVC introduced its mobile services in early 2009 that enable customers to use text messaging to find and buy products. Soon to follow was its mobile Web site,, its mobile service presence through apps for iPhoneR and iPod touch and in 2010, QVC's iPad app became available.

Record sales day

Many companies like to keep track of their record breaking sales day. For QVC, this day was on December 2, 2001 when orders were taken totaling over $80 million. Part of that success was due to the most popular product sold that day, the Dell Intel Pentium IV personal computer.

Expansion into China

On July 17, 2012, a joint venture between QVC and China National Radio (CNR), owned by the government, began with the formation of CNR Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Beijing, QVC holds a 49 percent share and CRN the remaining 51 percent. This shopping channel will reach approximately 35 million Chinese homes.

Even though Joseph Segal didn't originate the concept for the first home shopping network, he figured out a way to refine and improve upon a good idea that eventually led to QVC's success as a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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