Why Did Judy Crowell Leave QVC

Judy Crowell’s leave from QVC®, or Quality Value Convenience, was a shock to many viewers. There is speculation as to why she left. Possible reasons include end of contract, new business opportunities, and recent divorce.

Shopping Tips: Judy Crowell’s QVC position

Before Judy Crowell left QVC, she was a popular host for the home shopping company. Crowell began with QVC in 1989 and worked there until 2004. As a host, she led television shows in which brands tried to sell their products to viewers. Categories of items ranged from jewelry to fashion to home decor.

Did Judy Crowell leave QVC for a new job?

After 15 years as a Senior Program Host, Judy Crowell left the multinational corporation. While only Cromwell knows the true reason, there are musings as to why she left her position after such a long period. One plausible reason is for a new job venture.

After leaving the company, Crowell took on position as a Fashion Trend Forecaster for the World Fashion Council. After a year there, she moved on to Jewelry Television®, better known as JTV, as a guest host. She was at JTV for a little over a year, leaving in late 2012.

The lure of new job prospects may explain why she seemingly unexpectedly left QVC. The World Fashion Council and JTV provided new projects for Crowell to explore, and each had a solid reputation in the retail world. The television personality may simply have wanted a change of scenery on the career front.

In addition, Crowell left QVC possibly to pursue fashion-related work. Rather than selling home decor items, as well as jewelry and clothing, at QVC, the Council allowed Crowell to focus solely on fashion. She was able to narrow and strengthen her expertise.

Was Crowell’s leave from QVC for contract reasons?

Another explanation for Judy Crowell’s leave from the corporation was that her contract was up at the time. She may have decided not to renew the contract. In addition, QVC may have looked for a new host as Crowell had worked a long time there; a new host could freshen the program. There is public speculation about the contract details.

Was Judy Crowell’s leave in response to her divorce?

Crowell may also have left QVC as a way to start new following her divorce from Jeff Hewson. Hewson had also been a host for QVC. After the divorce, Crowell may have received backlash from home viewers who did not understand the demise. The QVC set may have brought back memories of Hewson as well, prompting her to look elsewhere for work.

Judy Crowell left QVC in 2004, moving on to work for the World Fashion Council. Reasons to explain her leave may be a new job opportunity, end of contract, or a desire to move on after divorce.

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