Why Did Kathy Levine Leave QVC

There are a few reasons Kathy Levine left the large corporation QVC®, an acronym for that home-shopping channels attributes of quality, value and convenience. Levine was an original host for the home shopping corporation. She quit to obtain a new job as a talk show host and because she wanted a career change.

Shopping tips: What was Kathy Levine’s job at QVC?

Kathy Levine was a television host at QVC and was popular among home viewers in the United States. Levine began to work for QVC in 1986, before there was even a television platform for the multinational corporation. She was one of its first hosts.

On the television broadcasts, Kathy Levine helped promote brands and sell products as host for the U.S. division. Merchandise ranged from home-based products to personal-care items. Levine’s aptitude for the position was evident; she received the Best Television Presenter title three years in a row from the Electronic Retailing Association. She was with QVC for nearly 15 years.

Kathy Levine’s job opportunity after QVC

The primary reason Levine left her successful position at QVC in 2000 is that she wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to collaborate with the USA Network, according to the Kathy Levine Web site. She had arranged a deal to host her own one-hour talk show on the USA Network. The show premiered in 2001. Rather than selling products on air, in her new position she would talk with guests and ask them questions about a variety of topics, without pushing products to customers anymore. She would also have the spotlight, rather than sharing it with other hosts as she had done for many years on QVC.

While she would still be on television, Kathy Levine’s new job gave her new professional opportunities. She could take her faithful viewing audience with her to a new network to continue to watch her, now in a new format. So she also left QVC for a new job opportunity that would rebuild her into a different personality, helping her leave behind the connection to retail products.

Given her lengthy time at QVC, Levine may also have wanted a change of pace. She may have wanted a new challenge at work or longed for new surroundings or new coworkers. These reasons might have affected her leave from the large corporation.

When popular host Kathy Levine left QVC in 2000, the move was a surprise among viewers. After all, she had been there for several years and was an original television host. She had a huge fan following, and home shoppers—who often tune in no matter the product if they like the host—were mostly sad to see her go. Levine's USA Network talk show aired only for a brief time before it was canceled. Nevertheless, Levine will always be remembered by home shoppers as a pioneer and favorite personality in the home shopping arena.

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