Duct Tape Prom Dress Instructions

Creating a duct tape prom dress may sound a little off the wall to some people, but it's a great way to add some artistic fun to the same old prom look. In fact, it's such a popular way to have fun that the makers of Duck brand's duct tape offer a yearly contest to find the best duct tape dressed prom couple around. The grand prize winners of the Stuck at Prom competition take home $3,000.

Duct Tape Prom Dress Construction
There are several different ways you can use duct tape to construct a prom dress. One of the easiest ways is to make a large swatch of duct tape fabric that you can then trace a pattern onto and cut out.

  1. To create the swatch of duct tape material, you need to lay long strips of the tape out, sticky side up. Overlap the strips of tape slightly, creating a large sheet of tape.
  1. To place a backing on the swatch of duct tape, you need to carefully lay matching strips of tape, sticky side down, across the tape sheet. This should create a large piece of duct tape fabric with shiny colored tape on the outsides and the sticky sides facing inwards. You can also use thick fabric and lay it across the sticky side of the tape, to create a duct tape front and fabric back. You can now trace and cut the tape to create your dress.
  1. To sew together the piece and create seams for your duct tape prom dress, you have two choices. For the cleanest look, use small and skinny pieces of matching tape to create a seam. For a slightly lumpier but more secure look, you can actually hand sew all the seams with some thick and strong thread.

Duct Tape Prom Dress Tips

  • Caution. If you do go through with creating a duct tape prom dress, it's important to remember to incorporate fabric into the design as a backing for the tape, or wear a fabric under-dress. If you wear just the tape and begin to sweat, the glue from the tape may run, mix with your sweat and adhere slightly to your skin. This can make getting the dress off very painful!
  • Colors. Be aware that duct tape comes in many more colors than just gray. You can choose from a rainbow of colors for your tape, not to mention mix and match different colors.
  • Common Sense. The great thing about having a duct tape prom dress is that it's so easy to repair. Just remember to bring along an extra roll of duct tape when you wear the dress. That way, if there are any problems, they'll be easy to fix.
  • Creation. You need to keep in mind that duct tape does not stretch much, so you're measurements will need to be very exact. It's also rather thick and sticky, so you need to make sure to use very sharp scissors to create clean cuts.
  • Creativity. There are so many different things you can do with duct tape, so let your imagination run wild. You can use red duct tape to make three dimensional roses to decorate your dress. You can use black tape with blue tape circles to create a polka dotted dress. You can even use layered and shaped duct tape to create ruffled or mock-feather trim on your dress.
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