Easy and Elegant Updos for Prom

While young women can show off their personal fashion sensibilities on any given day, prom often serves as their first opportunity to make an elegant style statement. Elegant updos for prom don’t require an expensive trip to the salon, however. You can create at home a stylish updo that will serve as the crowning piece to your formal fashion debut.

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Buying a prom dress can be tons of fun, but make sure whatever you buy is acceptable for any dress codes or dancing. Try sultry instead of skimpy, and pick the styles that flatter your figure instead of following the trends. If you want to make your own dress, stick to techniques you know so you don't risk ending up with an ugly gown that doesn't even fit.

Makeup application for teens is a bit tricky. Most teens want to experiment with makeup, but they shouldn't wind up looking too old. In no time at all, teens can learn how to apply makeup just like the pros, but they should stick with lighter colors and light applications.

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While makeup tips for teenagers vary slightly between the classroom and a prom venue, teens still don't need to go as heavy with their cosmetics as they might think.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your hair and makeup for prom when you can easily do it yourself with a few simple suggestions. Prom is all about becoming a real-life princess for a night. So why not have the hair and makeup to match?
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