Getting Cute Prom Dresses

The prom is not just a night of teenage revelry but also a milestone in every girl's life. As every girl knows, the most important part of the prom is the dress. Your dress usually determines your escort's attire, the color of any potential flowers and even the style of your transportation.

When you first go browsing for cute prom dresses, keep a basic checklist in mind. The dress will likely need to fit a dress code, be it a school policy or just your parents' policy. It should flatter your specific body type, particularly if you plan on dancing.

No matter what starlets your age are wearing on the red carpet, drop any thoughts of buying a dress with a plunging neckline, short skirt and no back. You would probably be thrown out of the prom. You don't need anything that revealing, anyway. A good prom dress can be flirty without being sexy.

Choose a portrait, oval or sweetheart neckline to show off your neck without actually revealing too much flesh. Strapless, spaghetti-strapped or halter tops are also great, since they show off the shoulders. Sleeves or backs in lace or sheer fabric are also popular options.

If you're choosing between a tight skirt and a full one, keep in mind that a full skirt will give you the room you need for dancing. As far as length is concerned, a skirt that's too long will make you stumble around all night, and a skirt that's too short might make you self-conscious.

Whatever your prom dress style ends up being, make sure it's something you like and feel comfortable wearing. Don't feel pressured to get something too trendy, formal, sexy, modest, frilly or simple. A prom dress is a major fashion statement, so make sure the statement is truly yours and not something you were talked into buying.

Your prom dress should fit both your body and personality perfectly. Use colors, fabrics and cuts that flatter your best features. Make sure that the dress stays where it's supposed to, and check that you can both sit and stand in it when you're in the dressing room.

When trying on dresses, wear the type of lingerie and shoes you plan to wear for the prom. This will give you a much better idea of the true fit and look of each dress. This is one of the reasons buying a prom dress online is never a good idea, since you can't try the specific garment on before purchasing it.

You must make sure your dress can withstand dancing as well. Even if it feels silly, you should dance around the dressing room. Check that the top of the gown doesn't drop and your hemline doesn't crawl too high when you raise your arms or bend forward. Also, make sure the hip area of the skirt isn't too tight if you twist your body.

If you find a dress that's almost perfect, with just a few areas that need fixing, think about taking the gown to a seamstress or tailor to have it altered. Taking the hem up an inch, or taking in the waist should be a quick-and reasonably priced-way to customize your look.

Design Your Own Prom Dress
Buying a prom dress might be a perfect dream to a teen, but it is usually most parents' nightmare. The gowns tend to be insanely overpriced and much too mature, and they are worn only once. For these reasons, some teens are now buying vintage gowns or making their own. Vintage gowns can be worn as is, updated with a few stitches or used as part of a new gown.

Mixing and matching old dresses is not only a repeated theme in many movies-it's also the easiest method for making your own prom dress. Hemming up a skirt or removing a pair of ugly sleeves is easy for even a beginning seamstress. Adding or removing some extra ribbons, beads and lace can turn you into a Cinderella.

If you're looking to take the next step and design your own prom dress, remember to keep it practical. You don't want to plan a fantastic gown that ends up unfinished or, even worse, horrendous on prom night. Stick to techniques and tasks you're experienced with, and never use a prom dress as a way to test out something you've never done before.

Before you even start, find a dress that looks like the one you want to make, or at least has the same silhouette. Try the dress on to make sure you look good in it, since sewing a prom dress is an awful lot of work if the dress doesn't work for your figure.

The more tailored the style, the more difficult it will be to make your own prom dress. If you're still a novice seamstress, pick simple patterns with easy lines. Empire waists, tie waists and A-line skirts are always safe choices for the easy road. Tight shifts, sweetheart necklines and ruching are better left in more experienced hands.

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