Teenager Makeup Tips: How to Create a Natural Makeup Look

Creating the illusion of natural makeup is an important technique for any teenage girl to learn. Natural makeup helps gently enhance your good points and softly subdue your bad points. You won't end up looking like a cartoon with natural makeup - if done right, you don't look like you're wearing any makeup at all.

Be Color Savvy
Use natural makeup tones to help create a natural makeup look. This means throwing out any bright blue or green eye shadows. The same goes for black lipstick. You want to stick to neutral tones that naturally occur within your complexion. This is particularly important when is comes to foundation. You always want your foundation to match your skin as closely as possible.

Keep It Light
Keep it light, especially during the day. Wear a light amount of your makeup, just enough to give some color. Heavy makeup is always obvious, but light makeup can pass for natural

Flush, Blush
Use your natural flush to match your blush. Your blush should never be a different shade than the natural flushed look of your skin. This tip is one of the most vital parts of having a natural makeup look. If you wear the wrong colored blush and get an even slight flush to your face, the two different colors become obvious.

Use brown mascara instead of black for lovely, but real, looking lashes. Black is too harsh a color on most complexions. Brown gives the darkened benefit without making the lashes too dark. Let the mascara dry, and then comb out your lashes for a full and natural look.

Light Lipstick
Use light lipstick to mimic healthy lips. Orange, black, or brown lipstick is a dead giveaway that you're not showing your real lip color. A light gloss or light colored lipstick looks much more natural.

Try a little bronzer to achieve the ultimate healthy glow. The bronzer can be lightly dusted over your face as a powder or used in combination with your blush or eye shadow. Just remember that, like all other makeup, you need to keep the bronzer light for a natural look.

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Makeup application for teens is a bit tricky. Most teens want to experiment with makeup, but they shouldn't wind up looking too old. In no time at all, teens can learn how to apply makeup just like the pros, but they should stick with lighter colors and light applications.

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