Flattering and Fun Plus Size Prom Dresses

Finding a flattering and fun plus size prom dress isn't nearly as difficult as it used to be. Once upon a time, plus size meant boring and bland. Now, plus size dresses can be as flirty and fun as any other sized dress.

The exact style that will look best on your plus size frame depends on your actual body shape. Apple, pear, stick or hourglass frames each have certain areas that should be emphasized and others that should be smoothed over. The only way to really check this is to try on your prom dress and be honest with yourself. Just because you like the dress doesn't necessarily mean it looks flattering on you.

Basic Black
A basic black dress is never dull if it has the right cut. Try a V-neck or portrait neckline to help flatter an ample bosom and detract from a supple waist. Keep the dress bodice fitted but not tight. Use a loose and flowing skirt that hangs about knee length. Sparkle the dress up with glitter dusting or edging and maybe a few studded rhinestones at the neckline. This type of plus size prom dress looks great on any figure.

Ruffled Purple
A dark purple dress will look better on a plus sized frame than a bright purple gown. Try a dark, royal purple silk dress with thick straps and a slight oval neckline. Use a ribbon in the same color as the dress to tie around the waist. Have a ruffled skirt that hangs loose and long, about mid calf length. The bottom of the skirt should have some fun and light ruffles as well. Match the dress with a purple ruffle wrap and you'll look smashing.  This style works for all body types.

Vintage Blue
Go with a soft, slightly gray, light blue for this vintage dress. You want a sweetheart shaped neckline with thick straps. The bodice should remain plain as it sweeps into a full skirt, complete with somewhat fluffy petticoat. The skirt can be mid calf to ankle length. Look for a very soft pattern in the materials, such as subtle roses or polka dots to add a little shimmer. Then it's easy to jazz the look up with sparkling jewelry. This style works for any body shape.

Bouncy Burgundy
Burgundy is a fantastic color for plus size prom dresses. It's rich, fun and flattering. Try a dress with a slightly plunging V neckline in front and in back. This makes the dress sexy without being too revealing. The waist should also be V-shaped and well fitted. The skirt needs to be very full and bouncy. The length should go anywhere from right above your knees to about mid calf. This dress looks good on all body types.

Corseted Green
A corset dress is great for creating an hourglass figure, regardless of your size. Try the dress in a deep green color to help you look slimmer. Use black or light green ribbons to lace the corset for a fun look. The skirt will look good at any length. It will also look good in most styles, except straight or mermaid shaped. If you want to keep things very feminine, use a flowing princess shaped skirt. 

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