Prom Hair Ideas

When you're looking for prom hair ideas, remember, a hairstyle should always complement your appearance, not define it. This is true regardless of whether you're attending a class or a prom. However, when you're spending large amounts of time and money to look gorgeous for your prom, the right hairstyle is absolutely vital.

Matching style
To match you hair to your prom dress, you need to examine the overall style of both. An elegant dress needs an elegant hairdo. A fun, ruffled gown should use a fun hairdo with some bouncy curls. A sleek and sophisticated hairstyle usually seen at the opera looks odd with a young and playful dress more befitting a dance club.

Matching decoration
Another way to match your hair to your prom dress is to use ribbons, barrettes and other accessories. Use the hair decoration to echo a color, fabric or gem from your dress. A black gown with rhinestone edging looks stunning when paired with tiny rhinestone barrettes in your hair. A sexy red gown looks even sexier when paired with a red ribbon in your hair.

Remember that the more elaborate the gown, the simpler the decorations in your hair should be. A tight, bright, sequin-covered, prom dress will look best with a loose and simple hairstyle. Adding big, bright, sequin clips or bows to your hair will blind your date, not attract him. If you want an elaborate hair accessory, such as a large and vivid flower, try going with a simple dress.

Matching focus
The best prom hairstyles show off the special or focal points of your appearance. If you're wearing a gown with an open back, you want to wear your hair in an updo if it's long. If you wear long hair down, it will cover the focal point of the backless gown.

It's easy to use braids, twists, curls and lots of hair products to move your hair into the area that best displays your prom dress. If your gown has a portrait neckline, decorated front and plain back, take each of these aspects into consideration. Wear your hair pulled up in front and loose in back to reveal your shoulders. Make the front of the hairstyle simple, but jazz up the back with fancy braids and a decorative hair clip.

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Elegant updos don't require a trip to the salon, but they do take research and know-how. By considering how the hairstyle will complement your dress and finding a style that suits your hair type, you can save yourself money and still feel like the belle of the ball.
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