Prom Makeup Tips for Teenagers

The most important makeup tips for teenagers always to realize that a lot of makeup come prom night is likely not in a dramatic look, but an artificial appearance. Most teenage girls are lucky in that they only need to wear light makeup. While makeup tips for teenagers vary slightly between the classroom and a prom venue, teens still don't need to go as heavy with their cosmetics as they might think.

Teen girls usually have color in their cheeks and long lashes. They don't have the worries that older women do. Though you want to step it up a little on your prom night, remember that we all have natural beauty, and youth is the brilliant blossoming of that beauty. Don't drown that blossom in buckets of makeup.

If you have acne problems and/or want to refresh your skin, remember to do any major masks and such at least a week before the prom. You're skin will need time to flush the remaining toxins and heal. Doing deep cleaning the day before the prom only means you increase the risk of having a zit on the big night. The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look.

Apply foundation evenly and make sure to blend it around the ears and under the chin. Blending is one of the most important things to master when learning how to apply makeup. Don't try to hide a zit with excessive foundation, it looks cakey and all the more obvious.

Use a blemish stick or spot concealer to help even out the look of any pimples, scars or discolored patches. Dust a little face powder over the general area if needed after your basic makeup application and then just leave the irritation alone. Constantly fussing and trying to cover it up will only irritate it all the more, making it all the more obvious.

New Products
Prom night is a terrible time to experiment with a new look or new cosmetic product. You want to be comfortable and knowledgeable about any cosmetics you use on such an important night. Either stick with your usual products or do several trial runs with new products to make sure you know how to use them.

Whatever makeup you use, try adding something with a little glitter or sparkle to help illuminate your face. Not only will you appear lovely, the sparkle helps attract gazes your way. You can also try fake eyelashes if needed, but keep them realistic. Avoid lashes that seem like something from Halloween. A little sparkle, frill or design never hurts, as long as it stays subtle.

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Buying a prom dress can be tons of fun, but make sure whatever you buy is acceptable for any dress codes or dancing. Try sultry instead of skimpy, and pick the styles that flatter your figure instead of following the trends. If you want to make your own dress, stick to techniques you know so you don't risk ending up with an ugly gown that doesn't even fit.

Makeup application for teens is a bit tricky. Most teens want to experiment with makeup, but they shouldn't wind up looking too old. In no time at all, teens can learn how to apply makeup just like the pros, but they should stick with lighter colors and light applications.

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