Building a Versatile Collection of Men's Ties

Even if you think it feels like wearing a noose, a necktie is truly one of the most effective tools in any businessman's arsenal. The right tie can make you seem powerful, friendly or fun. It can also make a single gray suit go from casual to classy to formal.

Building a wardrobe of men's ties is all about variety and the impression you want to make. The key to creating this ideal wardrobe is versatility. Pick ties that go with multiple colors, styles and selections of suits. Always pick for garments you actually own, instead of ones you wish you did.

The first elements of a tie wardrobe are quality materials in basic colors. Invest in a few medium-width silk and wool ties that match many different suits. Start with bold colors, and work your way into some patterns.


Generally, darker color ties seem stronger and more focused. Lighter color ties, especially pastels, seem softer and more agreeable. When it comes to color choice, try to select some hues from each of the power, friendly, fancy and fun categories.

Red, purple and black are considered power colors that draw attention and make an impression. Blue and green are considered friendly, simple colors that imply a certain amount of natural ease.

White, gray and metallic ties are often seen as fancier, slightly more upscale colors that imply a certain amount of formality. Yellow, orange and pastel ties are considered bold, possibly fun, tones that imply a small amount of amusement.

Whatever your choices, it's usually recommended that every man own at least one black, one red and one blue tie. These three colors should be able to get you through most fashion emergencies.


Start of your pattern selection with stripes. Stripes are hard to get wrong, are versatile and look good on most men. Buy at least one regimental stripe tie in a soft two-tone and one in a bolder two-tone. Something like a dark and light navy blue stripe would work for the soft requirement. A burgundy and gray stripe would work for the bold requirement.

Also try to buy a tie or two in a striking or unique pattern to help give your look some personality. Though blending into the crowd can be useful, it's also sometimes a good idea to stand out. Keep to selections such as swirls, checks, plaids and dots instead of going for cartoon characters, beer mug patterns or sport slogans. Also consider your tie clip, should you choose to use one. Make sure the clip looks good with the tie before you buy.

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