Fashion Accessories for Men

Today's man can choose from a wide variety of fashion accessories. Ties and watches aren't the only choices for freshening up your look. Check out these fashion accessories for men.

Top it off

Hats have traditionally been a seasonal or occasional accessory for men. Today, hats and caps -- like fedoras, newsboy or driving caps -- can be worn year-round without scorn. Just make sure you reserve wool for cool weather and break out cotton and woven hats for the warm air.

Baseball caps have been a fashion accessory for younger men for a several decades now, whether the faddish "trucker" hats or a fitted cap representing your favorite sports team. Men approaching middle age should avoid the look unless they're actually headed to a game or relaxing on the weekend. If you are wed to the look, splurge for a fitted wool or canvas cap and stay away from leather and mesh.


Scarves aren't yet a year-round accessory; however, they're more than just a piece to keep you warm. No longer consigned to the inside of your overcoat, men now wear scarves wrapped jauntily around their necks in a variety of ways. This look has been popular in Europe for decades. A few American men now feel adventurous enough to sport colorful scarves around their necks, even when the temperature is not so cold.


Bags for men, if not the traditional attache or trusty gym bag, are derisively called "murses," a combination of "man" and "purse." Don't let accusations of femininity run you off. If you have to carry a laptop, tablet, cell phone and other items, a bag can be an important item.

A sturdy hiking-style backpack is a no-nonsense accessory to fit this need. While you can find these in a multitude of colors and fabrics, they are less fashionable than their hip cousin, the messenger bag. A well-made leather or canvas messenger bag looks elegant over a man's shoulder.

Fashion jewels

Men have traditionally worn jewelry in a minimalist style. More recently, men expanded into displays of gold and diamonds on multiple fingers, around their necks and in their earlobes. The look has fallen out of fashion in recent years; however, it's still acceptable for men to wear jewelry as long as it doesn't look garish.

Your watch can also double as a jewelry accessory. Any of the more expensive gold, silver or platinum watches will accomplish the look. A watch with a nice tank or round bezel and a leather strap will do as well; it's subtle and elegant.

Those who must don a suit and tie daily have additional jewelry options. You can add refinement to your outfit with a tie bar or clip. If you're adventurous, try a pocket watch with your three-piece suit. If you work in a more formal, high-end atmosphere, cuff links are another jewelry addition that can add personality and flair.

A smarter phone

You might not consider your cellphone a fashion accessory, but it can be. Most of us consider the phone's size, color and appearance when we chose one. Phone makers realize this and emphasize form, creating ever thinner phones in a variety of colors.

Phone accessories can become a fashion accessory, as well. You can buy a colorful, protective shell for your phone. With the advent of the slim smartphones, cellphone straps and charms have fallen out of vogue. However, the industry that produced those straps and charms has not gone away quietly. You can still find a variety of items to decorate your smartphone from those makers.

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