Guide to Modern Organic Clothes and Fabrics

Going green can mean more than just buying a Prius, monitoring your energy use around the house or using biodegradable cleaning products. The next time you want to add to your wardrobe, you might consider buying clothing made from organic fabrics.

Natural, organic clothing is becoming more popular because wearing it is also good for your health. As the eco-friendly trend continues, you should become aware of what to expect from modern organic clothes and fabrics.

What makes a fabric organic?

Grown without the use of any chemicals, raw materials for organic fabrics are processed into yarn, then woven into fabric. During the last stage of production, the fabrics are colored using low-impact or no-impact dyes that have no affect on the skin or environment. The fabric is then sent to a manufacturer that produces modern organic clothes. While organic cotton is the most common natural fiber used today, silk, wool, hemp and now bamboo fabrics are also commonly used.

Types of organic fabrics

Because of misleading advertising, you might think that organic cotton, silk, hemp and wool are modern inventions and not fabrics that have been used for a very long time. It wasn't until the 1950s that advancements in technology and the lure of big money convinced fabric manufactures to drop their use of natural fabrics in favor of synthetics, which were cheaper to produce.

Bamboo is a newer organic fabric gaining in popularity because of its softness and planet-friendly, fast-growing properties. It is sustainable and durable and has antimicrobial qualities. Bamboo's antibacterial properties make it a good choice for casual and sports clothing. Because it resists absorbing moisture, organic bamboo fabrics keep moisture away from the skin with a cooling action while also killing odor-causing bacteria.

Health benefits of modern organic clothes and fabrics

Allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin can have negative reactions to synthetic fabrics. Clothing touches your skin all day long. With the alarming rise in the use of pesticides in the production of non-organic cotton and other fabrics, clothing made without the use of any chemicals during the growing process offers an attractive alternative.

While some people can also be allergic to wool or hemp clothing, they usually discover that organic bamboo-based fabrics offer relief.

Should you trust the organic clothes label?

One important tip when thinking about a guide to modern organic clothes and fabrics is to be careful where you buy your organic clothes. There are retailers that claim that their clothing is organic and eco-friendly, but the truth is that only a part of the process qualifies as organic. Because "organic" has become a popular buzz word for hip, fashion-forward trend followers and their children, some retailers are taking advantage of consumers by not giving them all the facts.

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