Guide to Preppy Style: Women

Women's preppy style is clean and classic. It follows most of the old rules about etiquette and modesty. Necklines are never plunging and skirts are never mini. A skirt or dress is always better than pants or shorts. Pearls and diamonds always outweigh opal and turquoise.

All those little fashion rules, such as never wearing white shoes after Labor Day, were cemented into place by preppy style. In fact, there are several general guidelines for both males and females that more than just preppies live by:

  1. Never pair black and brown.
  2. Never pair gold and silver.
  3. Always match your shoes and belt.
  4. Always match your shoes and purse.
  5. Tuck in any shirt with a shirttail.


Panty hose are always worn with a dress or skirt, unless you're wearing open-toe shoes. Socks are always worn with pants or shorts, unless you're wearing open-toe shoes. Undergarments are always worn with everything, unless you're going swimming.

Suits with pants or skirts always work for a feminine preppy fashion. The soft touch of a skirt is always preferred over the masculine line of pants. Pleated, straight or flowing, as long as the skirt is tailored, it can work for this classy look.

A fine silk blouse is always more appropriate then a cotton "mock" blouse in preppy style. Shirts or camisoles with matching cardigans are always ideal. Like men, women's preppy style also includes sweater vests or other sporty pull-overs.

Hair is always styled and never left loose. Bows, ribbons and headbands that match the outfit are a calling card of preppy women. However, even if your hair has no extra adornment, it should be neat and shaped.

The finishing touches are most important for women's preppy style. Matching gloves, hats, scarves, purses, nails, or lipstick is always taken into consideration. Whatever the finished look, women's preppy style should appear clean, conservative and sharp.

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Some may argue that the term "casual dress" is widely open to interpretation and in some ways they're right. What's considered casual and appropriate by today's standards has evolved significantly from even a few decades ago, still, there are few fashion tips that transcend the ages when it comes to keeping things cool, casual and composed.

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