Proper Dress Hem Lengths

Knowing proper dress hem lengths to flatter your appearance guarantees that you will always look good. More importantly, knowing the proper dress hem lengths to wear to specific occasions can help prevent an embarrassing situation.

The proper dress hem length can vary, depending on the exact situation you're in. What might be proper for a night of clubbing will not be proper for a day at the office. As silly as it may seem, your hem length can speak volumes about who you are as a person.

Micro Mini
A micro miniskirt is only appropriate for personal occasions. It also tends to be very unflattering unless you have a perfect body. It works well for clubbing or for a hot date. There are very few jobs that would find this kind of skirt appropriate, and it's best to never wear a micro miniskirt to work. This length is also inappropriate for a formal or somber occasion.

Miniskirts cover a little more skin that micro miniskirts. This means they can also be worn in more settings. They're a little more forgiving in the body department, but still require some slim curves to wear. In addition to a hot date, a miniskirt is fine to wear for a day of shopping or lunch with friends. However, it is never appropriate for a business or somber setting.

Knee Length Skirt
Knee length skirts are the all around most versatile length for a hem. It doesn't matter if the skirt rises a little above the knee or a little below, as it all looks good. The length isn't too long, which would make it seem too formal, and isn't too short, making it seem too casual. Knee-length skirts also tend to look good on any body type. That perfect knee length can work at a formal reception, at a hip club, at a serious business meeting or a casual dinner party without needing any alterations.

Mid-Calf Length
Mid-Calf length skirts work for all occasions, whether formal or casual. The length is a perfect mix of knee length and floor length skirts. The hem is short enough to easily wear in winter conditions, but long enough to help keep you warm. The only drawback to this hem length is that it tends to make big calves look even bigger.

Floor Length
An ankle or floor length skirt may be a subtle style, but it still has its own sex appeal. The length works for any body type. Ankle and floor length skirts are fantastic for wearing to work or to play. This is not, however, the sort of thing you want to wear clubbing. 

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In your natural transformation from a wild youth to a responsible adult, your wardrobe also tends to transform. As the time comes for a real job, you'll also need real job clothes. You need to learn how to dress professionally.

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