Business Letters of Apology Sample

Thoughtful business letters of apology can help you correct a mistake made through a transaction or service error. In order to send a sincere message to the wronged party, keep the tone professional, and outline what happened and how the company plans to resolve it. Many online business letter samples are structured in the same general manner and contain valuable tips on satisfying an upset customer.

Tips For Business Letters Of Apology

  • Open the letter with a summary of the situation as you see it. This can include order numbers, dates of service or any other detail.
  • Recognize the distress that the error caused, and acknowledge how the mistake affected the wronged party.
  • Accept responsibility for the mistake. Never try to explain it away. Full responsibility shows professionalism and integrity.
  • State what you or the company will do to correct the mistake. This could be a full refund, replacement part or complimentary services in the future.
  • Outline the process you will take to ensure that a similar mistake will not happen again.

Business Letter Samples
Dear Mr. Jackson,
I am sorry to hear you received a faulty popcorn popper via your order #19334 that was delivered on September 12th. Thank you for calling our customer service phone line to report that the popper did not work. It is extremely frustrating to spend money and time on a product only to find that it is faulty.

We strive to ensure each customer is completely satisfied with all our popcorn products, and we are eager to rectify the situation. You should expect nothing but the best from us, and we will review the situation internally to determine how the faulty popper got past our quality control process. We will implement whatever steps are necessary to minimize such repeat problems in the future.

Please accept a replacement popcorn popper that is already on its way to you (order #54321). Also enclosed in that order is our quality ceramic popcorn bowl, handy butter melting cup and popcorn flavor pack with assorted flavors at no extra charge. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We hope you will be pleased with the new popper and that you'll continue to be a loyal and valued customer. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Eric Larson

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