Business Proposal Letter Sample

A business proposal letter is a document that attempts to influence the recipient to participate in a joint venture for mutual benefit. When used effectively, a business proposal letter can pave the way to a working relationship, either short term or long term.

Structure Of A Business Proposal Letter
In the first paragraph, clearly identify who you are and what company you represent. Mention any connections that you have with the recipient. Then, mention any positive aspects about your company, whether it is sales numbers, upcoming events or new products. Invite the recipient to participate in your success.

In the next paragraph, summarize the proposal you have in mind. Share any insight you have into the current market and how your proposal will be the best chance for success. The final section should invite the recipient to take some kind of action.

Remember that business proposal letters should be concise and no longer than a page. You'll see from the business letter samples that the writing style should be professional but conversational, and all contact information should be clearly visible to the recipient.

Business Proposal Letter Sample
Good business letter samples can assist even the most word-challenged business writer in creating a compelling document. This letter can get you started writing your own:

Dear Mrs. Giacomo:

Congratulations on being the top-rated pizza and pasta restaurant in the state. I noticed that your restaurant has received the "Best of the State" award for the third year in a row. You obviously understand that great taste and great service are the keys to success. My company, 123 Inc., is seeking to partner with an outstanding company like yours to provide the food and concessions for our annual breast cancer awareness walk-a-thon.

The walk-a-thon is entering its 10th year, and with more than 2,500 participants and supporters, it is one of the largest fundraisers in the city. For a modest concessions rights fee, your restaurant can be one of only four concessionaires serving the needs of attendees. Past concessionaires report outstanding sales and numerous public relations opportunities. It's a fantastic way to bring excellent food to loyal customers and introduce your restaurant to potential new clients.

I've enclosed a brochure on concession fees, which also contains testimonials from past concessionaires. I'll call you next week to discuss any details and answer any questions you might have after reviewing the information.

Nora Larson

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