Sample of Business Introduction Letter

A sample of a business introduction letter can follow two formats: one that introduces a new business or one that introduces a new and prominent feature of an existing business, like a new product or a different location. When writing such an important letter, it's important to study good business letter samples first so you can achieve the right tone.

New Business
A new business letter should introduce the name of the business in the first sentence of the letter. Because the recipient may not be familiar with the new business, always give a brief explanation of the types of services and products offered. Provide all the contact information for the business in order to encourage the recipient to refer anyone to the new business. Strengthen the bond between the business and the recipient by expressing eagerness to serve their needs in the future.

A new product introduction letter should be worded a little differently. In this type of business letter, always introduce the product and describe why it is superior to whatever else is out there. Be as specific as possible, comparing prices, quality or convenience. Include any concrete examples that testify to the product's value. Close the letter by making all contact information or ordering information easy to discern.

Introduction Business Letter Sample
Dear Mr. Smith,

We're happy to introduce the grand opening of the Larson Public Relations Firm, serving the greater Cottonwood City area. Getting the word out about your company to potential customers and long-term clients is a struggle for many businesses. Without the right combination of publicity and promotion, many businesses struggle to gain a foothold in the market. Larson PR is dedicated to make each client as successful as it can be.

To give you a better idea of our services, I'm enclosing a recently prepared brochure on our assets and strengths, with testimonials and references included. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about our firm. I can be reached at [phone number].

Nora Larson

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