Complaint Letter Format

It pays to follow a proven complaint letter format if you are unsatisfied with a product or service. When you are drafting an e-mail or letter to a company to report a problem, you can employ several methods to get your point across and to give the company the chance to rectify the situation.

The overall format of a complaint letter is the same as a standard business letter format, with your name and address at the top left, followed by the company name and address. Use a sample complaint letter format if you are having a hard time getting started.

Sample Complaint Letter Format
Step 1: Dear [contact person's name or To Whom It May Concern],

Step 2: List the problem or complaint with as many details as possible. This includes the date, time and location of the complaint, as well as any pertinent details, such as a model number, invoice number or service person's name.

Step 3: Explain why you are sending in a complaint. For example, if a product arrives broken, share how you discovered it. Let the company know how the problem made you feel and if the defect or situation cost you in terms of time or money.

Step 4: Reveal how you would like to see the problem resolved. Suggest whether you would like a replacement or a refund of a defective product, or outline another strategy that would work for you that is within reason.

Step 5: Be cordial and assume the company will do what you ask within a certain timeframe. It's fair to express disappointment in a complaint letter, but if you leave the reader feeling more positive, it increases the chances for results.

Other Complaint Business Letter Tips

  • Include copies of any relevant documents, such as a receipt or warranties. Keep the originals.
  • Always provide your real name and contact information so the company can reach you.
  • Keep the complaint letter short. Nobody will read much past a page of a complaint letter, so hold back from writing a multi-page epic about what occurred.
  • Never use threatening language or obscenities in the correspondence, as people are more likely to respond to someone who seems levelheaded and polite.
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Knowing how to write a complaint letter that is respectful but firm calls for a delicate touch. You must explain what went wrong and say what you want, without getting too emotional.

This employee complaint letter sample can help you gather your thoughts and present evidence in a way that shows you are looking for solutions to a workplace problem.

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Need to learn how to write a letter of complaint? If you're not sure how the complaint process is usually handled, it's important for you to take note of these key components of an effective complaint letter.

Businesses need to know when employees do a good job serving customers. It is even more important for them to know if service is bad. A complaint letter is a useful tool for providing the information.

Businesses have options when it comes to handling complaint letters. It is not always a simple case of the customer being right or wrong.

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