Employee Complaint Letter Sample

Look to an employee complaint letter sample if you want to express yourself regarding an issue at work. Most employees avoid making waves at work, but when following the proper employee complaint letter sample, management is more likely to take notice and take some action to resolve the problem.


  • Always state clearly what the problem is and how, as an employee, you've tried to get it resolved.
  • Relay how the problem affects productivity and work conditions.
  • Recall what steps have already been taken or have not been taken.
  • Make a request for something specific to happen.
  • Include a reasonable deadline for further action in an employee complaint letter.
  • Keep the tone respectful and professional rather than inflammatory or threatening.
  • Thank the company for taking the time to look into the situation.
  • Close the business letter with your name, both typed and signed.

Business Sample Letter

Dear [Supervisor's name],

This letter is to request action to repair the second toilet in the women's bathroom. It has been at least three months since the toilet broke, and there has been no action to fix it, despite several informal requests to you for repairs. Because there are 15 women who work here, it presents a true inconvenience.

It should be a priority for this company to think about the effects of limited bathroom space. With only one toilet, most of us are forced to wait longer than normal to use the bathroom, cutting into our work time and causing us to take longer breaks than usual. I'm sure the company doesn't want the lack of such a simple repair to eat into our productivity.

I anticipate that the repairs will proceed without delay, but I'm prepared to send a letter on to corporate headquarters after two weeks if no further steps have been taken. The women of this company enjoy their work and appreciate everything that management does to meet their needs. Thank you in advance.

Michelle Larson

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Knowing how to write a complaint letter that is respectful but firm calls for a delicate touch. You must explain what went wrong and say what you want, without getting too emotional.

Follow this complaint letter format so you can avoid empty ranting and get closer to what you want out of a business that has done you wrong.

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Businesses need to know when employees do a good job serving customers. It is even more important for them to know if service is bad. A complaint letter is a useful tool for providing the information.

Businesses have options when it comes to handling complaint letters. It is not always a simple case of the customer being right or wrong.

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