How to Write a Complaint Letter

Need to know how to write a complaint letter? To get results, you must write a letter that will communicate the problem effectively and provide a solution on how the company can keep you as a customer. While most people know that a letter full of poor language and irate comments won't get much action, you can get your point across with these five tips and tricks:

Describe exactly what happened to warrant the complaint. Include details such as the date of purchase, product or model number, store location and even time of day. If you are complaining about a service, recall as many details as possible that are relevant to the complaint.

Explain how the problem affected you or your business in the complaint letter. Whether a faulty product made you lose a sale or the poor customer service caused you to miss another appointment, state succinctly why the problem affected you so.

Lay out exactly how you would like the problem resolved. If you want an immediate replacement of a broken item, if you want to be reimbursed for poor service or if you want credit toward a future purchase, say it. Remember that the solution must be related to the problem.

Include all your contact information, including name, address and phone number. If the complaint letter is a business letter, include your direct contact information.

Attach copies of any documentation that relates to the issue. This documentation may include a receipt or purchase order. Make a copy of the complaint letter for yourself as well.

Sample Complaint Letter
To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to register a formal complaint about the poor quality of service I received at your restaurant on August 15th at around 6:00 pm. Not only was the food subpar, but our server refused to remedy the situation in a professional manner. I ordered the enchiladas without meat, and when the meal was brought to my table, it was clearly the wrong meal. The server was insulting and rude to me when the mistake was pointed out and refused to set me up with another meal. Needless to say, I left.

I have been a loyal customer for more than five years, and I've never had a problem with the service or the food at your establishment. However, this incident is forcing me to consider going to another restaurant. I would appreciate it if you would speak with this server and implement disciplinary action so that it doesn't happen to anyone else. I'm sure you don't want to lose any more customers. You are welcome to call me any time to discuss the matter.


Nora Larson

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Follow this complaint letter format so you can avoid empty ranting and get closer to what you want out of a business that has done you wrong.

This employee complaint letter sample can help you gather your thoughts and present evidence in a way that shows you are looking for solutions to a workplace problem.

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Need to learn how to write a letter of complaint? If you're not sure how the complaint process is usually handled, it's important for you to take note of these key components of an effective complaint letter.

Businesses need to know when employees do a good job serving customers. It is even more important for them to know if service is bad. A complaint letter is a useful tool for providing the information.

Businesses have options when it comes to handling complaint letters. It is not always a simple case of the customer being right or wrong.

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