How to Sign a Memo

Are you unsure of how to sign a memo? You may be surprised to find out that, for a sender, signing an office memo is not only unnecessary, but it's also considered redundant. A memo, unlike a business letter, is a type of interoffice communication that is more informal and straightforward. Because the memo is usually written on a company's letterhead and sent internally, it does not require the sender's signature. If the sender wants to qualify the authenticity of a memo, she may write her initials next to her name in the sender's category.

Writing A Conclusion
Are you worried that your readers might think you didn't finish your memo or there was a misprint if they don't see a signature? That's where the conclusion of a memo comes in. The purpose of a business memo is to encourage the recipients to take special note of the information you provide or to take action. The final sentences of your memo should let the recipients know what you want them to do. If that request is crystal-clear, then you will not need to worry about a signature.

Acknowledging Receipt Of A Memo
There are occasions when a memo requires a direct action, such as a response from the recipient. Some memo senders ask for the recipient to sign the memo to acknowledge that it was read. Although a memo is meant to serve only as a reminder, and not as a policy contract, some memos provide a space for a signature. In this case, the recipient should sign and date the memo, preferably in the presence of the sender. It is also a good idea to make a photocopy of the signed memo for the recipient's records. Signatures should always be made in black ink and never in pencil.

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The proper memo format is similar to that of a business letter, and the memo should have an equally professional tone.

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The proper memo format is similar to that of a business letter, and the memo should have an equally professional tone.

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