Persuasive Memo Examples

Need to write a memo? These persuasive memo examples will help you create a professional office memo that will communicate exactly what you would like to say. The important point to remember about persuasive memos is that they get the reader's attention before requesting the reader's action. It often starts off by addressing the reader's need, and then closes with a requested action the reader must take in order to fulfill his need. Here are some persuasive memos to help inspire you:

Sample 1
To: Peter Larmen, Adrian Sanrino, Angela Gleak, Cindy Charles, Bren Felicia
From: Miriam Rosenthal
Date: April 8, 2010
Subject: Casual Fridays

As you all know, we have hoped to establish a casual Fridays at the office for some time now. Because many of our superiors were unsure of the effect a casual Friday may cause on our clientèle, we have yet to receive the go-ahead for an official Casual Friday. We have, however, received a hesitant go-ahead for a "relaxed" Friday. For those of you who are not sure of the difference, here is what was explained to me:

A relaxed Friday means that we are able to wear business casual. This includes dress slacks, skirts, buttoned-up or Polo shirts and dress shoes. On relaxed Fridays, you are free to come to work without a tie or jacket. Pearls are not required. Some prohibited clothing includes anything resembling a Hawaiian shirt, sneakers or other athletic trainers or open-toe shoes or sandals.

As always, please discuss with me any questions that you have prior to Friday. Please do not come to work challenging the boundaries of relaxed because you may jeopardize our tenuous agreement with our superiors. Thank you!

Sample 2
To: Sales and Marketing Distribution, Accounting Distribution, Rose Gains, Deanna Balthazar, Jennifer Peters, Martin Andrews, Bob Davis, Kevin Fenny
CC: RFHM Copy Company
From: Joseph Charles
Date: October 18, 2010
Re: Copier Machine

It has come to my attention that many of you have difficulties operating the copier machine. Because of its constant paper jams and uneven ink output, the copier machine is a daily source of problems. We have read your numerous complaints and are happy to announce an exciting opportunity.

We recently contacted RFHM Copy Company about your concerns, and they have agreed to conduct a two-hour seminar all about the proper operation of a copier machine. This is the perfect opportunity for you to know exactly what to do if you encounter a paper jam or need to just need to know how to collate properly. Food and beverages will be provided during this seminar. You will be able to participate in a question-and-answer format as well.

The seminar is this Tuesday at 10:00 am. Be sure to stop by and ask any of your burning questions, and pick up a cupcake. See you there!

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What is a memo? This method of correspondence is typically used within an office and is addressed to groups, but a memo looks and sounds just as professional as a business letter.

The proper memo format is similar to that of a business letter, and the memo should have an equally professional tone.

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The proper memo format is similar to that of a business letter, and the memo should have an equally professional tone.

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