Sample Personal Letters of Recommendation

Using sample personal letters of recommendation is particularly useful if you have never written a letter of recommendation before. Good recommendation letters can help you prepare your own letter. Of course, the content will be individualized based on your knowledge of the person you are recommending. Here are some sample letters to help you navigate the different types of recommendations you may encounter:

Character Reference
To Whom It May Concern:

As a close friend to Paige Allen for over the past 10 years, I can personally attest to her strong moral character. Because we are both actively involved in after-school activities, I have witnessed Paige take initiative in many of these events. Not only is she a natural-born leader, she is also extremely passionate. She has always fought for what she believes in and will not rest until her job is complete.

Paige Allen is the most honest person I know. I've witnessed her return a quarter to a cashier who gave her too much change! Her ethics are beyond reproach, and I have confidently trusted her with my life and the lives of my children on various occasions. I've often been jealous of her natural rapport with my kids. For these reasons and more, I believe Paige would make an excellent addition to your after-school daycare center.

Jill Carmichael

First-Time Employee (After Internship)
To Whom It May Concern:

As the manager in charge for Douglas Mitchell's internship, I fully recommend him as a future employee for your firm. Douglas Mitchell is a go-getter. During the summer that he worked with our company, Douglas showed wonderful initiative, as well as the ability to be a team player. He was quick on his feet. Douglas does not require repetitive explanations. He is able to understand abstract concepts and put them into action flawlessly.

During his internship with us, Douglas worked as a customer service liaison.  Not only did he need to document chronic customer issues with our appliances, but he was also given the ability to offer basic solutions that would solve issues. In fact, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback about Douglas and his dedication to customer satisfaction. 

We honestly regret losing Douglas. If we had any entry-level positions available, we would definitely hire him, but unfortunately our loss is your gain. Please let me know if you need additional information.

Thank You,
Michael Phillips
Customer Service Manager, Peterson Refrigeration

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Learning how to write a letter of recommendation takes more than saying how nice a person is. You will need to explain how this person has either met or exceeded expectations while on the job or at school.

A high school letter of recommendation can be just as important as a job letter of rec. You'll need to go into detail about what a student can offer a school.

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Writing letters of recommendation for a job might seem easy, but you won't help the person who has asked you for a letter of rec unless you are willing to go into detail.

An Eagle Scout letter of recommendation should describe a young man's high moral character and abilities since the status of Eagle Scout is the highest honor a Boy Scout can obtain.

A high school letter of recommendation can be just as important as a job letter of rec. You'll need to go into detail about what a student can offer a school.

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