How To Write A Job Promotion Announcement

Knowing how to write a job promotion announcement is helpful because such an announcement must be handled delicately. Other employees and clients want to know that you've promoted the right person for the job. You want them to know that the employee being promoted has accomplished certain tasks and is qualified for the position. The tone of the announcement must express excitement for the person's new position, as well as deliver a confidence in his ability to do the job.

A job promotion announcement should begin just like any other business letter, with your name, address and the date in the upper left corner. After a few lines, the recipient's name address and phone number should appear. The salutation to the recipient, whether it's to the employees of the company or to particular clients, sets up the main body of the announcement.

Main Body
The main body of a job promotion announcement is generally to inform the reader that someone within the company is leaving his old post and taking on additional duties and responsibilities. The announcement can be used to inform other employees (where it might take on a less formal tone) or clients (where more formal wording should be used).

Generally the body is broken up into two parts. The first paragraph should identify the person with the promotion and the title of his new job. It's helpful to describe briefly the previous positions the person has held within the company. For example: "ABC company is happy to inform you that Jacob Smith has been promote to Regional Manager. Jacob has been the branch manager in Jonesville for 4 years and was the recipient of the XYZ award two years in a row."

The second section should highlight the job duties that the employee will have with the new promotion, especially how they relate to the reader. If you are writing to clients, be sure to highlight how the reader might come in contact with the employee. For example, "As Regional Manager, Jacob will make visits to all the company's vendors in the Northern Pennsylvania area. He will also be in charge of market research and productivity assessment for those branches." Mention any new projects the employee will be overseeing, and emphasize the company's confidence in a smooth transition.

The closing part of the announcement should extend warm congratulations to the promoted employee and also well wishes from the company to the reader. Signing the announcement is the same as a standard business letter; the owner or supervisor of the promoted position should author the letter.

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