The Importance of Teamwork Across Departments

The importance of teamwork across departments cannot be emphasized enough. Good teamwork reduces waste, improves morale and sets your company up for a better future. Consider building teamwork skills as you plan your next quarter; you'll see the following benefits in all departments:

Teamwork Increases Efficiency
If you have areas of overlap between two departments, you'll find teamwork will help smooth the seams, making it possible to get more done in less time, for less money. Encourage members of different departments to compare notes on projects, especially in areas where one project affects the performance of another department. Without teamwork, a project that looked good to one department can turn out to be inadequate or even counterproductive for another department.

Teamwork Supports Sharing Of Information
These days, employees change jobs every few years, making the sharing of information essential for optimal corporate health. It's important to make sure essential practices, knowledge and industry standards are shared among departments so the company is not left in a lurch if an employee is fired or leaves. This is especially important if an entire department is let go; the knowledge and experience from that department cannot be reproduced if good teamwork was not practiced prior to the reorganization.

Teamwork Eliminates Redundancy
It's important to allow your departments to communicate about areas of overlap. The people who actually have to perform the tasks required can determine the most efficient route to success. While meetings can sometimes feel like a waste of time, meetings that build teamwork and determine efficiency are worth the time investment in the end.

Teamwork Boosts Morale
If departments are clashing on how to accomplish a task or about how resources should be allocated, it's especially beneficial to promote teamwork. Remind employees in all departments that you need one another as you work on building teamwork skills; sometimes people need to be reminded of the big picture. If your employees are working well together, they will surely feel better about themselves and their places of employment, leading to higher retention rates, greater job satisfaction and better performance.

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