How Mom Can Start the Best Home-Based Business

Are you a mom who is thinking about the best home-based business for her talents? There are over three million moms out there who choose to own and operate their own home-based businesses. And the number is growing rapidly of stay-at-home moms that are creating their best home-based business.

There are many reasons for starting up a home-based business. Women cite the freedom to be around and available for their kids, the opportunity to bring in some additional income, the need to take on a challenge that offers a different type of satisfaction than that of caring for kids and the desire to enjoy their work. Getting from there to a profitable business takes good planning and even more good luck.

It is easy to get sucked into the excitement (and expense) of starting a new home based job that sounds like fun. But before you spend a nickel ordering cool business cards and redecorating the spare bedroom as a home office, a really smart mom should do some careful and introspective research.

The most crucial decision you make will be what your business will be. Think objectively about what your interests and talents are and what job opportunities they might lead to. Share this with a spouse and a few friends and gather suggestions. Do lots of research on the internet and talk to others who may be in the same field.

Some popular choices for women starting a home based business include decorating services, pet sitting, daycare, catering, personalized stationary, tutoring, freelance writing or graphic design. Lest these not tickle your fancy, there are hundreds more options out there. Consider investing in a copy of one of the many available books on choosing a home business, such as 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women by Priscilla Huff, that list and describe details of possible business options.

For each new career that sounds interesting, carefully consider start up and ongoing costs, time restrictions and the hurdles you will face. Will you have to pay accounting fees? Do you need specialized insurance? Consider technology needs and how savvy you are with a computer. Will you make a profit? How much of a profit will satisfy you? Then most important of all: do you have the passion and the commitment to make this thing work?

Each family situation is different and what works for some may not work for others. Will your angelic baby turn into a demanding toddler cutting into your work time? Will your spouse or a sitter be able to cover for you if you need to attend a meeting or go on a trip? Will your older kids be supportive or a hindrance? Do you want summers off? Do you need to go out every day or will you be happy spending copious amounts of time at home?

If you've come out with more plusses than minuses, you can afford to do this, are certain that this is the path you want to follow and have the support of your family, then get yourself a name and get started.

To help you get started, there are many support groups available for women who are thinking of beginning their own home-based business. A good resource for women looking to go at it alone is the Small Business Association ( which offers information on starting up a business, applying for loans and other important tools.

As with all businesses, you will need to constantly review your strategic direction, audience, website, marketing materials, group affiliations, costs, income and need to delegate responsibilities or hire additional help. You may also find that your choice just wasn't right for you. In fact, recognizing the possibility of failure and how that will affect you is an important consideration before even beginning. Quite obviously, not everyone succeeds at everything they try.

Career choices are never easy. They get harder when considering the needs of an entire family, not just you. Working and succeeding at a home based business is hard work. But anyone that has ever raised a family knows that the hardest work out there is still parenting. We might not earn much, but who needs money when all the rewards we need are hugs-right?

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