How to Answer Accounting Interview Questions

When answering accouting interview questions, enhancing certain skills that will make you and your achievements really stand out to the hiring manager. While basic job interview skills apply to any type of interview situation, you can gain an edge if you know what potential employers want.

Accounting Basics
Your certification will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are competent in the basic skills of accounting. When you interview, you should assure the hiring manager that you are comfortable with an array of accounting procedures and practices. Prepare for questions that are somewhat technical, and focus on problem-solving skills, types of accounting software you are trained in and your competency levels across the board to see if you qualify for the accounting jobs.

Tailor your comments to the specific job that is advertised, and address the position's daily duties and how you fit in, no matter if it's a large or small accounting firm. The interviewer is also looking for a personality who is a good fit for the firm; demonstrate your work ethic and the ability to handle the workload. Share an experience where your personality played a key role in solving a school or work problem, and make the connection that you'll bring the same problem-solving attitude to the firm.

Outside Accounting
Frequently, accountants are asked to expand their job duties to other areas of the business, such as management positions or project team leaders. Therefore, accounting firms are seeking accountants who can do more than just balance the spreadsheets.

Take the time to include some leadership experience on your resume, and mention how you've demonstrated those qualities when you interview. Teamwork experience is vital. While accounting can often be a more solitary pursuit, accountants who demonstrate the ability to work within, or even lead, a team may enjoy even more opportunities. In the interview, try to share a personal experience about how your participation in a team created a positive outcome.

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