How to Prepare Your Cosmetology Resume

A great cosmetology resume needs to be three things: beautiful, clear and informative. Because cosmetology is the practice of creating beauty, the visual appeal of your application is important. If you can't create a beautiful resume, why would anyone hire you to create beauty on a real person? Your resume also needs to be clear and informative; otherwise, your important information will get lost in the mess.

The first step in preparing a cosmetology resume is to create the general outline. Think about the position you're applying for, and consider what aspects of your experience and personality are most important. Consider what makes you stand out, and emphasize those areas.

Basic Cosmetology Resume
Your cosmetology resume should start with a header that includes your name, address and telephone number. If your resume is more than one page, make sure to include the header, or a bottom line with the header information, on each separate page.

After the header, your cosmetology resume needs to list your professional experience. Follow your experience with a list of both your cosmetology education and general education, in that order. Add a small personal section including a few highlights about yourself, such as number of languages spoken or general customer service skills. Always end your resume with a list of references.

How to Make a Beautiful Cosmetology Resume
A beautiful cosmetology resume starts with two important products, beautiful paper and beautiful letters. You need to be careful about the type of paper and lettering you choose for your resume. If they're too bland, the resume lacks beauty and is far too plain to catch a potential employer's eyes. If they're too garish, your words will be too difficult to read, and your resume will look chaotic.

Paper: Your paper design choice will say a large amount about you. Try to choose subtle, elegant and lovely paper for your cosmetology resume. If you're completely lost, just buy some quality paper with a rich edging for a sure-fire hit.

Think about trying some resume paper with designs such as eggshell linen with small, gold embossed roses as an edging. Try some thick, pale green paper with forest green leaves scrolling around one side. If you want to go a little more modern, look for some light coffee-colored paper with bold, multi-colored squares across the top and bottom of each page.

Letters: Avoid the temptation to use any fancy, scrolling or cursive letters for your resume. Those types of fonts are much too difficult to read and create a messy appearance. You want to stick with clear, sharp lettering. You don't have to stick to a boring font like Times New Roman, though. You can also try Arial or Eurostile.

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