How to Sharpen Barber Clippers

Knowing how to sharpen barber clippers is important for anyone who works in the hair cutting business. Barber clippers are one of the most important tools in a barber's arsenal, and dull clippers literally won't cut the mustard. Several methods currently exist for sharpening clippers, and understanding a few of them can improve your work.

First Steps
Before beginning the sharpening process, it's important to determine what is causing the clippers to go dull. In many cases, the barber clippers have simply not been oiled. It is also possible that the clippers have been lying around unused and begun to undergo corrosion. If either of these issues have been contributing factors, go ahead and remove the pair of screws that are holding the stationary blade in place. Remove the cutting head. Next, fill a small bowl with isopropyl alcohol, and drop the parts in. Be sure to give each individual part a good rubdown, and wipe away any gunk.

Behold The Stone
The most effective way to sharpen clippers is to rub them against a sharpening stone. Sharpening stones can be acquired relatively cheaply from any barber supply store. Hold the clipper blade flat, and grind it against the stone, moving in one direction. When the blade is sufficiently sharp, insert it back into the clipper, and fasten the plate that holds the blade.

Professional Sharpening
In some instances, the alcohol rubdown and sharpening stone process won't make the blade as sharp as it needs to be. If this is the case, it's wise to consider having the blades professionally sharpened. Professional sharpeners use large, high quality stones, and have experience with many kinds of blades. If your blades are cheap, this option probably doesn't make sense. However, if your blades were expensive, consider handing them off to a seasoned professional.

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