3 Examples Of Teacher Resumes

Studying examples of teacher resumes can help you find employment in a good school district. Although there is a teacher shortage, you still need to keep your resume polished so you can find the teacher jobs that suit you best.

Most teacher resumes highlight education background, education work experience, concentration in specialty areas and significant contributions above and beyond what is expected. All teacher resumes should be typed according to traditional resume formats and should include basic contact information. The following three example resumes are tailored for three different types of teaching situations: the entry-level teacher, the experienced teacher and the specialized teacher.

1. Sample Entry-Level Teacher Resume
Contact Information
Include phone numbers, e-mail address

Mission Statement: Enthusiastic, organized, inspiring elementary school teacher seeks entry-level teaching position at your school.

Education History

Highlight Academic Achievements
List area of proficiency, highlighting specific courses of study that will make you especially qualified to contribute to this specific school. Is the teaching program you attended known for any special classes or areas of study? Research the school to which you are applying so you know the demographic. Is this a low-scoring school that needs extra help with getting students up to speed? An advanced school that needs you to challenge the high-flying students? Tailor your education to show you are suited for this school.

Work History
Describe your student teaching experience. Highlight what you learned that qualifies you to do the job for which you are applying. If possible, offer a reference from the supervising teacher or principal.

2. Sample Experienced Teacher Resume
Contact Information
Include phone numbers, e-mail address

Work History
Start with your work history since this is your strength. Give work dates and places, but go into detail explaining exactly how you contributed to that particular school, linking this to the needs of the new position at the new school. Use bullet points to set off achievements.

Why You Fit This Job
Use a T-style to highlight concisely why you are the perfect teacher for this new position. Use two columns, titled as such:

        You Need                    I Am

Then list the needs of the school in one column and examples of how you've met those needs in the past or why you are suited to meet those needs in the second column.

Education History
List your education credits last, including any certifications or professional recognition for achievements.

3. Sample Specialized Teacher Resume
Contact Information
Include phone numbers, e-mail address

Mission Statement: Clearly state what makes you an expert or specialist in your field and how this will make you the perfect candidate for this particular job.

Education History
Highlight your specific educational credits that make you proficient in this area of study.

Work History
Give places of employment and dates. Also, in bullet points, list significant achievements at each place of employment. Line your experience up with the qualifications listed on the job posting.

For a complete list of teacher resume templates, check out resumes-for-teachers.com. You'll find examples of just about every kind of resume for just about every type of position at this Web site. 

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