7 Reasons To Become A Teacher

Looking for reasons to become a teacher? Wondering if teaching is the right career path for you? These seven reasons might indicate how you can use your specific talents in the classroom.

1. You'll get to influence young people.
If you want to work with children and young adults, this is the career for you. Talk to anyone and ask them who influenced them most as a child; chances are you'll hear mention of a teacher or two. As a teacher, you have an opportunity to inspire and support hundreds of children.

2. Actor/Speaker/Story-Teller/Professional Organizer: Teaching is all this and more.
Teaching is a job in which you wear many hats. You'll get the chance to challenge, entertain, inspire and guide children and young adults through a variety of activities and experiences. Teaching will challenge your ability to organize, plan, educate and entertain-all in a day's work.

3. Teaching is a purposeful job.
If you're looking for job satisfaction and a job where you know your work is making a difference, not just pushing paper, teaching is the right job for you. As a teacher, you will help children one on one and will edify society as a whole as you prepare a generation of workers for the future.

4. The hours match your children's hours.
If you're a parent, teaching will allow you to work the same hours your children are in school and be home with your children when they need you most.

5. You get summers off!
Long days at the pool with a good book and a margarita? What more needs to be said? Some teachers take the summers to do research, take classes or pursue secondary careers, allowing you to have two careers at the same time.

6. The ongoing teacher shortage equals good job security.
Everyone likes to know he will get a job upon graduation. With teacher shortages in several states and an increased effort to highlight education as critical to the future of our country, teaching jobs should be plentiful in most states.

7. Everybody loves a teacher.
Yes, you may have bad-mouthed a particularly tough teacher in the past, but this career earns you respect. If you're a teacher, you can announce your career with pride. Teachers are beloved for good reason. Your patience, love for children and ability to control a classroom will be admired by many.

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