Sample Recommendation Letters for Teachers

When it comes to writing recommendation letters for teachers, it's usually the task of the principal or vice principal to prepare this formal endorsement of a teacher's skills and talents. If you look at some examples of standard recommendation letters, you can organize your thoughts and emphasize what is truly special about the teacher.

The introduction should establish who you are and how you know the teacher. Some examples are:

  • It is my pleasure to recommend Sarah Jones for a teaching position. Sarah and I have worked together often at Parkside Elementary, where I am the principal.
  • I recommend Jack Jones as a candidate for consideration. I've had the pleasure of working with Jack in my position as the vice principal of East High School.

This section should provide the basics of the teacher's career, including all professional certifications. It should accurately reflect the information on the teacher's resume. Some examples include:

  • Sarah has worked at Parkside Elementary for 12 years, primarily in the first and second grade. She has also been a Core Academy instructor during the summers for approximately 5 years.
  • Jack is an experienced teacher and has taught high school for 8 years. He is also the coach of the school's Academic Decathlon (4 years).

The next part of the recommendation letter should give a general overview of the skills and talents of the teacher. It is appropriate to include several paragraphs about the teacher's accomplishments, techniques and successes. Some examples include:

  • Sarah possesses an exceptional ability to connect with elementary children. With a firm but friendly demeanor, Sarah manages to keep control in the classroom and present both simple and complex concepts to all levels of students. She has strong written and verbal skills, and she is both organized and dependable. Her involvement as the teacher liaison with the PTA shows that she is concerned about maintaining an excellent school for students and teachers.
  • Jack is a well-liked teacher with an understanding of what it takes to motivate high school students. His positive attitude translates into a classroom atmosphere of learning and respect. His computer skills are top-notch, and the students in his class continually test higher than the district average.

The person for whom you are writing the recommendation should provide you with a resume to help you remember certain information. If you do not have a resume, you should request it. When it comes to jobs for teachers, a detailed recommendation letter can really help someone get noticed.

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