What Is A Graphic Designer

What is a graphic designer? A graphic designer is a person who designs print or electronic visual art and information for advertisements, entertainment, Web sites, print and marketing materials. A graphic designer determines the layout of print materials, packaging, video games, Web pages and multimedia projects. Graphic designers are the artists of the world who help communicate visual information through a variety of media.

Typical Graphic Design Services
Typical graphic design services include preparing layout formats for magazines, journals, newspapers, books and marketing materials. As a graphic design artist, you would decide which fonts would be best, what images are most complementary to the piece and how to arrange all the words and images on the final piece. You would design logos and assist with the branding of businesses. You would determine what images, fonts and page layouts best communicated the style, mood and brand for businesses. You might also animate video games or illustrate graphic novels.

Media Used By Graphic Designers
You will learn several software programs and will work on a computer for much of your job. You might sketch things out long hand, paint or use a camera for some of your images. Sometimes you will photograph multi-media pieces of art or people for your imagery. Graphic designers become experts at mixing art forms.

Graphic Designer Salary And Job Opportunity Expectations
While you don't have to have a college degree to be a graphic designer, it is highly recommended that you get at least an associate's degree in graphic design. The most lucrative jobs go to graphic designers with bachelor's degrees and experience with a variety of computer software programs. About one-fourth of graphic designers work freelance. As of 2007, the average entry-level graphic designer made $35,000 a year. Experienced designers made anywhere from $62,000 to $113,000 a year, depending on their positions in companies and amount of influence.

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