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An esthetician, also known as a non-medical skin care specialist, is a new type of career in the ever-expanding world of cosmetology. From skin to nails, estheticians are masters of it all.
By Aysha Schurman
Our jobs are our lifeline. Losing your job or benefits can have devastating repercussions. Because of this fact, California protects employees with labor laws.
By Lauren Bove
To learn how to become an editor, you will not only need to brush up on your grammar, but you will also need to understand the book market as a whole.
By Jennifer Maughan
If you're interested in becoming a medical technician, you'll be delighted to discover there are many different types of technician positions available, and you'll want to explore your options.
By Rachel Mork
If you learn how to become a technical writer, you can help communicate complex ideas to anyone who is struggling to learn how to use a new product or service.
By Jennifer Maughan
Do you find yourself performing superstitious acts? If so, you are not alone.
By Susan Smith
The ability of a minor to act on his or her own behalf depends on the situation as well as the state law.
By Crystal Eynon
Learn more about three of the most common forms of personality disorders that affect men and women in America.
By Stephanie Banfield
Learning how to become a helicopter pilot isn't any easier than learning how to become a commercial pilot. You still need to practice and take tests.
By Jennifer Maughan
The need for regulation highlights the importance of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and nuclear safety in modern medical practices.
By Jamie Douglas
The requirements to become a lawyer are fairly strict and vary from state to state, but a few of these requirements are shared no matter where you choose to practice.
By Jaceson Maughan
How has psychology changed over the years? Several different "-isms" have come into vogue over the past decades, some more popular than others.
By Courtney Ramirez
A deposition is testimony given before a trial begins or outside of the court.
By Shelly Barclay
Entering the classroom for the first time is an exhilarating experience. Following some simple steps will help maintain that positive feeling throughout the full first year.
By Reenie McMains
To learn how to become a pastry chef, you must be committed. The food service industry is not for everyone but if you thrive in fast-paced, demanding environments, it may be for you.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
Many issues come into play when looking at intelligence and the ability to be smart.
By Melanie Grimes
Due diligence is a term used in commercial transactions and in civil and criminal law.
By Jamie Douglas
When applying to dental schools, you'll want to know their requirements, and you should find a school that is a good fit for your personal needs and abilities. Start early, and brace for plenty of competition.
By Kristen Oliveri
Probation is an alternative to jail for some criminals and juvenile delinquents. The probationer must fulfill the requirements for his probation.
By Connie Earl Robertson
The federal court system is designed so that no single judge may have complete authority over a case.
By Rebecca Mikulin
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