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Law enforcement careers aren't limited to becoming a police officer or FBI agent. If you want to serve the community by helping uphold the law, you have many different options depending on your interests.
By Caroline Roberts
An emerging profession is animal physical therapy, designed to assist animals in regaining function and rehabilitation due to disease, accident or surgery.
By Jennifer Maughan
Travel nursing is a little-known nursing career, but being a traveling nurse has perks. A traveling nurse has a year or more of full-time nursing experience and is willing to locate to a region needing nurses for a temporary assignment.
By Alice Langholt
People have the choice to join the military if they so please. It is a difficult choice for many.
By Crystal Eynon
Are you considering going into law enforcement? Being a police officer can be a very rewarding choice.
By Crystal Eynon
Learn about some of the funniest true laws in the country.
By Marie Lorraine
Getting into the military is a matter of good health and mental preparedness.
By Shelly Barclay
What does a paralegal do? While it is clear that a paralegal assists lawyers with cases, their day-to-day duties may vary depending on the law office.
By Jaceson Maughan
Are you considering a career in truck driving? Familiarize yourself with both the driving and non-driving aspects of the job.
By Rose Clearfield
Do not confuse shyness with lack of intelligence.
By Conny Manero
Health care careers have the fastest growth rate in the United States. The short study time required to be a CNA and the number of available jobs make it an attractive career for many.
By Connie Earl Robertson
People get nervous for a number of reasons that largely depend on what they fear most.
By Shelly Barclay
By Mary P Ivy
Pediatric physical therapy is one of the many subcategories of physical and occupational therapy. A pediatric physical therapist works with children exclusively and sets up physical therapy rehabilitation programs for a variety of conditions.
By Jennifer Maughan
See red when brushing your teeth? Here are some reasons why your gums may bleed when you brush.
By Nancy Kennedy
Sometimes we do not like family, but we sure do need it.
By Todd Pheifer
When it comes to choosing nursing schools for your degree, it pays to get the best nurse education possible from the more than 1,500 nursing schools out there. That way, you can position yourself for the best nursing jobs.
By Jennifer Maughan
The Lucifer Effect is a study in how good people can turn very bad.
By Jamie Douglas
Judging others to some extent is part of human nature, but it can become a bad habit.
By Conny Manero
People chew gums for multiple reasons. Common reasons include to curb appetite, to freshen breath, and even to ease ear pain when flying.
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