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In the specialized field of forensic nursing, nurses work with law enforcement officials, detectives and crime victims. Besides patient care, forensic nurses collect and preserve important evidence found at a crime scene.
By Alice Langholt
Young men commit the most crimes by far but often get over their criminal tendencies.
By Janet Grischy
Sure, she is beautiful, but is there anything going on inside that blonde head? Since time immemorial, being blonde has had psychological implications.
By Lauren Bove
Want to learn how to become a substitute teacher? Substitute teaching is a stepping stone to a career in education, or it can be good part-time work for moms who want the same hours as their kids.
By Rachel Mork
Are you left-brain or right-brain person? If you’ve been asked that question, you may wonder which side of the brain is creative. But is this concept a fallacy or truth?
By Lauren Bove
Change is a natural part of life. All living things can change, but what makes a person change?
By Crystal Eynon
Clinical psychologist requirements involve considerable schooling and training, as a clinical psychologist is expected to help patients who suffer from mental disorders.
By Jennifer Maughan
Educational requirements and areas of practice for DDS and DMD.
By Rebecca Mikulin
For many educators, technology is a key part of creating an engaging learning environment.
By Todd Pheifer
Health care careers have the fastest growth rate in the United States. The short study time required to be a CNA and the number of available jobs make it an attractive career for many.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Which side are you on—nature or nurture, or must we pick a side at all?
By Lauren Bove
An emerging profession is animal physical therapy, designed to assist animals in regaining function and rehabilitation due to disease, accident or surgery.
By Jennifer Maughan
Dental practice management is a part of dentistry that some dentists may forget about. From customer service to dental practice marketing to billing and collections, several factors are important to having a successful dental practice.
By Courtney Ramirez
When you talk too much, you cannot think.
By Conny Manero
Grand juries are convened to decide if a criminal indictment will be issued against an accused felon.
By Jamie Douglas
What is psychology, what kinds of psychologists are there and what do they do?
By Gail Seymour
Why do teachers teach? Get insight about just a few of the reasons that people choose and stick with the teaching profession.
By Rose Clearfield
Are you considering going into law enforcement? Being a police officer can be a very rewarding choice.
By Crystal Eynon
People choose a pet to fit their personality and lifestyle.
By Conny Manero
An accounting trick that gives clarity to a company’s financial performance.
By Diane Quinn
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