How to Become a Car Show Model

By learning how to become a car show model, you can get a foot in the door in the modeling industry. However, a car show model must possess more than just a pretty face. Aspiring spokesmodels also need knowledge of the product they are showing, as well as a winning personality to sell it. If you are hoping to become a car show model, you will need to be friendly and able to relate to all types of customers.

Increase Your Car Knowledge
Before pursuing a career as a car show model, make sure that you understand how cars work and are passionate about the auto industry. It is a mistake to think that car show models are there only as "eye candy." Consider car show models as saleswomen or company ambassadors. Although customers may be attracted to your beauty or friendly personality initially, expect to answer questions about the car that you are showing. Not only do you need to be familiar with your product, but you should also know of comparable products and how your product is superior. Confidence and knowledge make a successful combination. Modeling schools may be an option, but if money is a concern, begin to educate yourself. Pick up auto magazines, and begin studying about cars if you are not already familiar with them.

Visit Car Shows
Get a feeling for what a car show model does by attending an actual event. Watch the model interact with others, and take mental notes. Also take note of the models' clothing, hair and makeup choices. Although each company has its own set of modeling requirements, you may be able to gauge the type of look a particular company prefers based on its spokesmodel. 

Another possible advantage to visiting car shows is the opportunity to promote yourself. At smaller car shows, organizers often hire local talent. Be prepared to network with the car show organizer in a professional setting, and be sure to bring a portfolio.

Sign On With Promotional Modeling Agencies
The best way to become a car show model is to sign on with a modeling agency that specializes in trade show events. Many organizers choose to hire through an agency. Promo Models and Trade Show Models are two popular agencies that send out spokesmodels to various events.

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