How to Become a Male Model

Interested in how to become a male model? You may be unsure of where to start. Although female models get all the glory, male models are also an integral part of the product and fashion industry. Male models help sell everything from underwear to cologne to shoes. Even if you do not have what the industry deems a perfect body, you may have other features that allow you to stand out from your competition. Here is your primer in getting started as a male model.

Discover What You Have To Offer
What makes you special? You may have a svelte physique or thick, shiny hair. Consider the fact that not all male models walk the runway. Many of them are in fashion magazines selling different types of products that have little or nothing to do with fashion. Some models are picked because they stand out from the crowd, while others are picked because they represent the face of the average consumer. You may be chosen for a hair color commercial because you meet a specific age demographic and consumers can relate to your look.

Study Modeling
If you have a desire to model, but are unsure of poses and facial expressions, consider modeling school. Modeling schools teach you industry poses and how to find your light. Aside from basic poses, many schools teach aspiring models how to understand a contract and what to look for in a potential modeling agency. If you cannot afford a modeling school, educate yourself by studying different men's magazines and how the models pose.

Create a Portfolio
Male models need to have a professional portfolio. For beginners, your portfolio should not exceed 10 of your best looks. Include diversity in your portfolio. Have a head shot and also a full body shot in your portfolio. Other photographs should be targeted to the area in which you would like to model. If you are athletic and think you are best suited toward sportswear or swimsuits, be sure to include those types of images in your portfolio. Avoid skimping on the price of the photographer. Remember the old adage, "you get what you pay for." Your portfolio is a worthy investment in your future as a model, and it's the only way you can show interested clients your varied looks.

Get Representation
The best way to get continuous work as a model is through a modeling agency. The agents will have professional relationships with companies looking to hire models. You should consider moving to a larger city, such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami if you want a serious career as a male model. Most companies that hire male models operate out of these cities and prefer local talent.

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