How to Start a Modeling Portfolio

Knowing how to start a modeling portfolio is the first step in finding great work as a model. Unless you've been taught by professionals at modeling schools, you may not even recognize the importance of having such a portfolio. Not only is having a showcase of your photographs critical to your success as a model, but knowing how to build a fresh portfolio is also absolutely key to getting the kind of work you are seeking. Below are a few tips to get you started on your modeling portfolio today:

Why Have A Modeling Portfolio?
Just like in a job interview for a conventional desk job, potential employers are interested in what you can provide for them. Traditional job applications include a written resume that showcases work history and accomplishments, but in many areas of art and design careers, a simple resume is not enough. A portfolio is essentially a binder filled with examples of your work. For writers, it's clips. For graphic artists, it's design sketches. For models, it is a professional-looking portfolio with pictures from past photo shoots. Hiring agencies want to see what you look like dressed in different styles and in a variety of poses. This portfolio will help them decide if they want to hire you.

Building A Portfolio
Putting together a modeling portfolio is quite simple once you have a few photo shoots behind you. The first step is purchasing a professional-quality presentation binder (called a portfolio), which is essentially a hard-covered binder with room to insert images into protective plastic sleeves. Find a portfolio made for this purpose, as opposed to a cheap 3-ring binder and plastic inserts; an art store is a great place to look. Choose your best shots to include in this portfolio, even if you are limited on quantity.

Using The Portfolio To Get Modeling Jobs
Having a modeling portfolio will not guarantee you the work you are looking for, so be sure to keep it fresh by constantly updating it. As styles in the fashion, hair and makeup industry change, so should the looks in your shots. Also, you may want to create more than one portfolio so that you can appeal to certain industries, such as lingerie or shoes. Just as important, make sure your shots encompass all of you and range from a headshot to a full body shot. Even if you are applying for work as a face model, the hiring agency will want a look at the big picture.

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